What’s The Next Great Emerging Market to Invest In – Okay What Are My Choices?

Investing in emerging markets can be a great way to get a decent return on your investment. Consider if you will the very slow growth in the United States right now compared to other nations such as China, Vietnam, Chile, Brazil, India, and others. Of course, if you want to invest in an emerging market you need to make sure that the government is stable, and it won’t be taken over by socialist rulers who will nationalize the assets of foreign companies.

This recently happened in Bolivia, Venezuela, and we expect it to happen in Ecuador as well. Yes, there will be fallout for those nations because foreign investment will completely dry up, as no one wishes to take the risk. Oh, some people will take the risk if they can get in cahoots with those in charge and the current leadership. However, because socialism usually leads to the decline of a nation, those rulers perhaps will not be in power is long as they would like, and if you are invested with them or that ruling family, you could easily be out of business with their overthrown.

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine and he asked me what I thought the next great emerging market would be to invest in. And then I asked him; okay what are my choices, you see I do read the Economist, and I do like the articles on such topics. No, I am not completely convinced with what I read, but it does give me a good basis on where to search, and where to start an in depth amount of research, after all there are over 300 countries to study, and no one can be an expert on all of them, besides things change every week.

My acquaintance mentioned Ethiopia. Yes, there are good reasons to invest their, they have an excellent labor source, in the big city. And many people from the rural areas are moving to the city to get jobs, or to get away from the floods or droughts depending on the year. There has been civil unrest in the country from time to time, but with such low wages, their manufacturing output, on a comparative basis for cost is rather staggering, and it might be a very good place to invest, if you have the stomach for it.

Wow, yes, Ethiopia, and how about Egypt, I see lots of investment dollars moving in. There have been some interesting articles in the Economist the last couple of years actually. There is a tremendous workforce there, lots of people willing to work $1-3 per day. There are many other nations desiring partners, investment, and ready to adjust to the future in order to get there.

Indeed, to reiterate, I am disheartened by some of the socialism trends in South America, the types of trends which lead to nationalization of foreign business assets especially in nations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, etc. and many of the countries that had made so much progress, and really increased the standards of living for the people. I was listening to a speech by Mark Mobius on these topics the other day – very interesting. I hope you will please consider all this.

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