Which Is the Best Day to Invest Your Money?

Many people have a strong belief in the power of planets, stars, comets, etc. That is why they wait for the auspicious time and moment, for practically everything that they do. Similarly, they have inauspicious periods too, during which all important decisions and purchases get deferred.

This is true for their investments too.

Well, my domain knowledge does not encompass the heavenly bodies and their likely positive and negative impact on our lives. As such, I am not the right person to comment on these so-called “astrologically favorable” days.

But yes, based on my many years of experience on this planet earth, I have identified some of the “financially highly fortunate” days to profitably invest our money.

I share these with you, so that you too can turn lucky with your investments.

The day we have ample time

I would strongly advise you against taking any investment decision if you are hard pressed for time. Mistakes multiply when you can’t give your undivided attention and time to study the investment that you are considering. And these errors and omissions often prove to be very expensive. In fact, the best trick up the fraudsters’ sleeves is to offer you schemes that close in a day or two; leaving you with no time to think. So, make sure that you make your investments on the day you are totally relaxed, with no time constraints.

The day we have ample information

The most irresponsible, unwise and foolhardy thing to do would be to invest your money in a product with only a limited knowledge about it. If fact, in my opinion, you would be doing the greatest disservice to your family’s well-being if you do so. Moreover, nowadays unlimited and free information is available on the internet. Hence, there is simply no excuse to not getting all the relevant details about any investment before committing to it. Many losses can easily be avoided by getting the right inputs. As I once mentioned… Know or No!

The day we have ample trust

As with any vocation, you will come across both good and bad bankers, brokers, agents and advisors. Given that your hard-earned money is at stake, you can’t afford to be naive and gullible. It would be very dangerous to blindly trust anyone in such matters. However, there is no magic formula to verify someone’s trustworthiness. It only comes with time. So build your relationships slowly and with small amounts. We have to manage our money for many decades. So investing a few years in building honest and reliable alliances, would undoubtedly be the best investment.

These are my best days to invest my money carefully, judiciously and objectively. And I see no reason whatsoever, why they can’t be your auspicious days too. Good Luck.

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