Who Changed My Schedule?

Remember the Alice Cooper song, “School’s Out”? The lyrics are running through my mind as I write this article. The last bell rang, the kids are running through the house at all hours of the day and their summer camps are spread all across town. My schedule has become a mere shadow of the nice, tidy, organized days I experience September through May. Sound familiar? I’m finding this is true for many women entrepreneurs so today’s article offers a few coping strategies when summer arrives and suddenly it feels like your schedule has been hijacked.

1. Organize a Co-Op – Every woman in your neighborhood is going through the same shock to her calendar (I promise) so why not get a group of women organized to support one another this summer? For example, you could take the kids in the co-op to the park one afternoon or morning per week and have two other moms share the additional two days. This means you get two days with dedicated time to work on your business and enjoy time with your children as well.

2. Have Camp? Carpool – Ask around and find out if other kids in your neighborhood are attending the same camp. If so, organize a carpool. This has been such a lifesaver for me over the years. What’s surprising is how few women use this time-saving tool – not to mention reducing the carbon footprint. Feeling a little anxious about asking someone to drive your child? Does it feel like you’re shirking your responsibility as a mom? I do hear this from women at times but trust me; there are women in your neighborhood who would be thrilled to avoid going it alone in the hot summer traffic.

3. Go With The Flow – When summer arrives, the calendar shifts. Get creative in your business. For quite a few years, I always planned a 4-5 week teleseminar class because it allowed me to leverage my time, grow my business and hang out with the kids.

Yep, school is out and summer is here. As my teenage son enters the house with four middle school boys asking (actually yelling), “Mom, are you recording a call right now cause we’re hungry?!” I invite you to think about asking for help when you need it and enjoy the blessings that these warm, interrupted days bring.: -)

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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