Why Gold Is a Bad Investment

Dear Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts: I agree with much of what you say, however…

You have commercials about investing in gold. You tell how you invest in gold yourself.

It is an ignorant thing to do to invest in gold. You seem to be unaware of a part of the scriptures warning about gold and silver.

The scripture I’m referring to is in the book of James, and James was a Jew, before he became a Messianic Jew. He writes (in chapter 5):

James chapter 5

1 Go on now, you rich men, cry and howl for your miseries that shall come on you. 
2 Your riches are corrupted, and your clothes are moth eaten. 
3 Your gold and silver are cankered, and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh like fire.

You’ve heaped treasure together for the last days.

When I first read that about the gold and silver getting cankered, I understood cankered, but didn’t quite see how. Did it mean the gold and silver would oxidize? But then I heard a speaker speak on the subject who suggested that the gold could become radioactive. Well, yes, gold is one of the heaviest elements, like uranium, and plutonium, so it probably wouldn’t be very difficult for the gold to become radioactive, especially if it happened to be in close proximity to radioactivity.

So if you’re sitting on $25,000 of gold, and it becomes radioactive, what would it then be worth? Twenty five cents? And who would want to handle your twenty five cents worth of radioactive gold?

But you might say, “But how could my gold become radioactive? You don’t actually stash gold bars under your mattress, do you? But if you keep it somewhere in your home, it could still be subject to theft.

Probably, you pay a fee for someone else to store your gold for you, where they’re also storing other people’s gold. Perhaps you have the right to go look at your gold. Perhaps they’ve shown you gold with a name tag with your name.

But after you walk out the door, they probably remove that sign, and put that gold back with the rest of the gold. The gold you may have seen can be removed to a different location the day after you view it, or perhaps the same day.

In the book, Manhattan Project, by Stephan Grouef, when Army Colonel Leslie R. Groves, who was head of the project, decided he needed to acquire some uranium, he was able to obtain barrels of it in an ordinary warehouse near New York City.

If your gold is stored in close proximity to uranium, how can you be sure your gold won’t become radioactive?

You might say, “The people the gold company wouldn’t let that happen.” Really? Do they know who all the other tenants are in every building they use for storing gold, and what other substances are stored there? If they do know that now, what’s to prevent a tenant from moving out and being replaced by another who’s storing radioactive materials? If they’re terrorists making a dirty bomb, they would naturally prefer that no one knows what they’re storing.

Or, if your gold company decides to move some gold, what if the truck they use was yesterday transporting uranium or plutonium, unknown to the gold company? But maybe they only use certified trucking companies. But if a truck breaks down, now perhaps it’s necessary to go rent a rental truck that yesterday transported plutonium.

Or, if some radioactive gold, before it is found to be radioactive, is moved in with uncontaminated gold, then maybe it’s all radioactive gold, including your gold. So now your $25,000 in gold is worth twenty five cents, if you can find someone willing to handle it.

But if radioactivity is not the cankering, then there will be another form of cankering that will significantly reduce the value of gold.

You’re playing Russian Roulette with your money when you invest in gold, because God has already said in his book that the silver and gold will become cankered, and shall eat your flesh like fire. Ignorance of the scriptures will set you back.

Are you a good enough chemist that you know how to process cankered gold into uncankered gold? I don’t think so, nor will you find such a chemist.

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