Why Invest in New Zealand Farms?

A lot of people don’t seem to comprehend that, despite how much work owning and running a farm can be, farming investments have some of the greatest return out of any industry in the country. Farmland offers, and has offered in the past, stable returns for any investor looking to support the industry. In New Zealand, agriculture contributed two thirds of exported goods between 2006 and 2007. The sector is mainly comprised of pastoral farming for beef cattle, sheep, dairy and other livestock, but land being developed for horticultural use is definitely increasing.

Farm investment offers a lot of benefits for anybody looking for something with a quality return. As such a big part of the economy in the country, there is not a lot of risk through well placed funds. New Zealand also supports free trade in agricultural goods. While other countries have to offer government subsidies to keep their sectors afloat, New Zealand has one of the most deregulated farming industries in the world. Because government subsidies were removed in the mid 1980s, the country’s farming industry had to develop new techniques and technologies in order to increase efficiency in operations.

Sheep are iconic in New Zealand because of the animal’s heavy farming. Close to 1 billion NZD worth of wool is exported yearly as well as over 2 billion NZD of lamb and mutton. Other farmed livestock garners impressive figures as well. Over 1.5 billion NZD in beef and veal is exported yearly. As the demand for New Zealand product grows because of its high quality, so does the number exported.

One of the latest growing aspects of New Zealand livestock farming is deer farming. In the past thirty years, the country has gone from having a small herd of 150,000 animals to over 1.5 million. This growth has pushed the country to be the number one exporter of farmed venison in the world. As deer are a pest and have a negative impact on the country’s biodiversity, their farming began after live deer recovery operations in the mid 1980s removed them from areas they were becoming a nuisance.

With such a booming industry, it makes sense to make your investment an agricultural one. With stable returns and high appreciation due to the limited amount of farmland available worldwide, it is only going to grow bigger and better. Whether you are looking for a change of lifestyle or just an opportunity to silently finance one, farming in New Zealand is a great choice for you.

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