Why It Is Better to Buy From Locally Owned Companies Than Corporate Companies

Many consumers refuse to buy any goods, products or services from any small businesses. They prefer to buy from the big “professional” corporate companies due to all the advertising and marketing they do. People are automatically presented with an image that the company is very reputable and professional since they are advertised everywhere. What they do not realize is that advertising costs millions of dollars every year and the only way a company can spend that much is if they are profiting that much and more. Ever wonder why the cost of goods and services so high? Everything costs more because everyone has to be paid for their work and still profit. Sadly, people are naturally are intrigued by certain companies because of image. It is all about presentation. We don’t see what goes on behind the scenes really, but only what we are presented with. Huge corporations profit millions of dollars and do not spend the money we have brought in to them back into our local stores and businesses. This is why so many businesses stores are struggling to keep their doors open.

If we think about it carefully, we would know it is better to spend our hard earned money at family or locally owned businesses since we are helping people earn a living and survive. That means they will take the money they had profited and spend it at our stores, helping us make a living. If everyone did that we would not be in a recession right now. It would be the circle of life and everyone would be surviving just fine. In addition, a locally owned business is more likely to work with you and help you in hard times with refunds or correcting the prices because they want to earn and keep your business. Big corporate companies do not care and refuse to work with you because of company rules. It is extremely hard to get anything done when there is no way to ever really talk to an owner or someone who has the authority to help you. You are usually given the run around and told that there is nothing that can be done for you. That is how the big companies got to where they are and making millions off of your hard earned dollars regardless if it is fair or not.

There are many reasons to why it is important to put your money in the right places. Help small businesses by buying from them instead of big corporate companies that take the profit and the money is never seen again. Do not question why a lot of companies do not advertise all over, they obviously do not make a lot of money off of your purchases because they give you better prices and services. Due to not ripping everyone off, they are not able to advertise all over the television or radio. If you are worried, look up the company or business online. Go to Google or Yahoo to read real reviews from real people. It is amazing what you can find out from real people. See the whole big picture than just what you are painted from the outside. See what is real than what you are wanted to see.

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