Why Providing Your Customers With Wholesale Gift Carrier Bags Is A Good Idea

Are you looking for something good to give your customers? Then listen to why providing them with wholesale carrier bags is such a good idea! Normally it isn’t shop practice to give your customers wholesale items – however, when it comes to gift bags, this rule can sometimes be bent according to what suits you. It can also be bent according to the time of year that it is as well. You need to remember that at different times of the year, different thing are all the rage, but on the big holidays, customers love a gift that they can also DIY too.

The great thing about selling wholesale gift bags is the fact that you do not necessarily have to lower your prices by much. You can still put some mark up on them and maybe make more money out of a whole lot than you would have by just selling to one or two to customers. The other thing that customers love to do is to personalise the bags that they give their gifts out in. If you sell wholesale bags, they get to give out a whole range of gifts to different people, each with a fun, personalised bag that they designed themselves. In this way, you encourage the spirit of creativity amongst your customers, as well as the sale of lots of your own goods.

Put the fun back into gift bagging

If you are going to run with the idea of selling your customers on the fact that they can personalise every wholesale bag that they buy, you could also run mini competitions in the shop, for best looking set of bags and, in this way, generate more hype and advertising around what you are doing. People will also buy more bags, as they will want to make more designs and increase their chances of winning.

When the holidays hit, people generally do not have time to wrap a whole lot of presents individually. However, chances are that they also do not have stacks of money to buy a gift box for every person who they are giving gifts to. The best solution is to give gift bags. People will automatically seek out gift bags that are being sold together in higher quantities as they feel they can get more value for money in terms of packaging this way. Putting the gift in a gift bag also makes it much easier time-wise, especially for busy people during holiday seasons.

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