Why the Time Is Right for an Istanbul Property Investment

The keen eye of property investors remains transfixed on the world’s emerging economies, because during the recovery stage of a recession, certain locations will always show signs of growth, expansion and long-term stability far earlier than others.

The question for investors is which countries and cities are showing the most promise, and which ones are indicating signs of long-term economic growth. Here, investors with a determined focus on earning a good return, will be spending their money in 2011.

And, it seems that the hype that has been following Turkey and its industrial engine room, Istanbul, has not been misplaced by economists over the past year or so, because since the start of 2011, Turkey’s small levels of government debt and a banking sector that is seemingly unfazed by the turmoil going on in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world, has allowed it to stand out from the crowd in terms of emerging economies luring in the interested parties in an Istanbul property investment.

Istanbul, the City of Culture for 2010, has also lived up to the positive press it received last year, with The Brookings Institute ranking the city as “the fastest growing city in the world” in a report released just last month (January). And today this rapidly growing city is showing no signs of tailing off, as it continues to show sprouts of growth in terms of attracting large, often blue chip, businesses as well as a wealth of tourists. One airport in Istanbul has even developed a new terminal to cope with the sharp rise in incoming traffic – perhaps illustrating why an Istanbul property investment has become so popular.

This increase in traffic and large business has led to a boost in demand for business accommodation and hotel room to cope with the influx of corporate travellers. This trend has not gone unnoticed by investors.

So what are the key facts that are leading to an Istanbul property investment?

1. Istanbul was ranked number 1 for “Development Prospects”, out-performing other European cities like Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw and London as ideal property investment opportunities in a recent report

2. With a GDP averaging 7.5% per annum over the past five years, Istanbul has one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This means long-term, sustainable growth and the chance for a solid and sound investment

3. More good news for the Turkish economy and further signs of future growth have been noticed by Colliers International, which reported that, “the downturn in Turkey resembled a ‘V’, rather than a ‘U'”. This has indicated a far stronger and faster return to economic growth than neighbouring European countries

4. The award that has long-standing connections with considerable cultural, social and economic growth, the Capital of Culture, was won by Istanbul last year.

There will never be just one country, city or economy that emerges from a downturn first, and economists will always mention BRIC as being ‘growth’ nations. However, the same economists often report that Istanbul is fast-becoming a hub of business activity, and one that is attracting large business names from across the globe. And, importantly, with those businesses comes wealth, expansion, and endless investment opportunities.

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