Why You Should Invest Dot Co Domains

Normally people cannot find the potential goldmine. They trust and invest the past-proven investment opportunities. But the truth is when some thing was proven success, you have missed it. Tracking success is not always a good choice for investors. Now I believe I find a nice project to invest. It’s dot co domain.

Here are five reasons why you should invest .co domains.

1..CO is going to be the next .com. It means future. It could stand for commerce, company or corporation. Go Daddy like it and purchase x.co; Twitter like it and purchase t.co; overstocks like it and purchase o.co. Now i.co is open for auction. Does apple like it and make a deal. Let’s see.

2. .CO is regarded as a Gtld by Google. Not only it stands for “Colombia”, but also a regular web address on the internet. People surf a dot co site to find global information, not just information about Colombia. It also represents that there is no difference to get a good page rank when you have .co site.

3. You could still register gems.co right now. It never happened to find an available .com. Because registered .com is everywhere. As a replacer or alternate, .co awaits us there. For example, I have no chance to get c-c.com. It was registered in 1999. But I am able to acquire c-c.co. I don’t think it is not good enough compared to c-c.com. I like c-c.co so much. It is even shorter than c-c.com. As a common sense of domaining, shorter means better.

4. Market environment for dot co is better and better. I have to confess .co registry works so hard and is good at marketing. It develops and maintains a hot dot co market. Once it become a bit cold, it adds heat. The other giant Go Daddy is pushing the co wheel too. I am so excited about the co Go Daddy girl at super bowl commercial. Shakira or Sofia Vergara? Who knows? But we are all expecting it. Besides these, the biggest domain selling company Sedo is scheduling a special auction for dot co. Probably a six figure sale would be shown in next few months. These companies invest so much marketing power and I believe.co will become more and more popular.

5. Internet users have accepted dot co. More and more people are using.co domain for site building. More and more companies use.co as their main sites or make a defensive registration. When you check alexa ranking, more and more.co sites enter the top 1 million.When you check Google trend, more and more terms about .co are searched.

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