Why Your Business Cannot Miss a Call

Has it ever happened to you that your plumbing system broke down and you rang up a plumbing service, only to get a voicemail? Or, you called for assistance on an app and a voice prompt asked you to press one key after another, only to realize after pressing many keys that a customer service representative or CSR was not available?

That experience can be utterly frustrating. And if you’re running a business, that’s something you don’t want your customers to experience. You don’t want them hanging up the phone because either they get a voicemail or they can’t get through to a CSR to talk to them. A missed call can mean a missed profit, which is something your business can’t afford.

The Cost of Missing Calls

No matter what many companies do and what every trick in the book they’ve pulled, they still miss certain calls. There are two major reasons why it happens: a CSR is busy when a call is made or a call came in during off-hours. This is a major concern, because studies have shown that about 80% of callers don’t bother leaving voice messages, which can translate to lost sales.

The problem is even compounded by the fact that inbound calls can cost a business money. For example, if your business spends about $20,000 a month on your marketing campaigns for 1,000 inbound calls, that means each of those calls costs $20. If you miss, say, 15% of inbound calls, $3,000 goes right out of the window each month for nothing.

Missed Calls Can Reflect Badly on Your Image

All the time, energy, and resources that your business puts into creating an excellent image for your brand can be a waste if you don’t answer calls or answer them in a timely fashion. Imagine someone who’s about to part ways with his hard-earned money to buy a product or avail himself of service from your company, only to be frustrated because his call was not promptly taken. Aside from creating an unimpressive image for your company, you also miss out on potential sales. That’s missing two birds with one stone (missed call).

Never Miss a Call Again

Of course, there’s a solution to it. If you don’t want your business to miss another call again, make use of a system that provides services like call forwarding or rerouting. Or, you can hire a call answering service. This can help ensure that even calls made during odd hours can still be answered.

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