Wooden Packaging: Is It Worth It?

However, if you make a thorough comparison between the wooden packaging and the cardboard boxes, the wooden packaging certainly takes the lead. In order to not sound pushy, we have mentioned some of the benefits of using wooden packaging in the following part of the article in order to let you be in charge of deciding which one is better.

Mechanical Stress:

It should go without saying that when it comes to strength of bearing mechanical stress, wooden packaging is far better as compared to that of the cardboard boxes. The packaged material has to go through a very high level of mechanical stress while it is being packages or transported or stored for that matter and that’s where the higher strength of wooden packaging is extremely advantageous in industry.

Heavy Goods:

A closely related aspect to the above mentioned one. Since wooden packaging has higher strength to offer, it is one of the most commendable options for the heavier goods since they require additional support. On the contrary, cardboard boxes are extremely prone to get damaged and completely ruined provided that an even higher burden is put to them.

Wear And Tear Strength:

You may be familiar with the fact how you certainly can’t treat the cardboard boxes roughly. However, when it comes to the wooden packaging, you can treat it as roughly as you want. Since lumber packaging is remarkably rigid, it provided a considerably higher wear as well as tear strength, which is ideal for industrial purposes.


Since cardboard boxes do not stack upon each other well, they are not ideal for transportation purposes. However, with lumber packaging, you can ensure optimum space utilization along with perfect stacking of wooden plates, which is capable of bearing higher mechanical stress and is therefore, ideal for the transportation purposes.

Moisture Resistance:

It should go without saying that wooden packaging enables you to benefit from the moisture resistance that it has to offer. The problem with cardboard boxes is that they get completely ruined with the minimal water exposure that you can think of. However, it withstands a much higher level of water and moisture and doesn’t let it slip through and damage the product that has been stored inside.

In the light of the above-mentioned information, it is only fair to conclude that it is certainly going to be your best bet when it comes to packaging and its importance in an industrial scenario. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that wooden packaging has almost everything to offer that the card board boxes lack and hence is going to be a commendable option if you are involved in a particular industry that involved huge amounts of packaging, storage, and transportation of goods from one place to another.

However, as we mentioned right in the beginning of the article, we are not going to be pushy in making you choose it over the card board boxes one. Go through the aforementioned benefits that it has to offer over the conventional card boxes and decide for yourself which one are you going to choose. Try and come up with an advantage that card board boxes has to offer over the wooden packaging?

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