3 Effective Ways Haulage Companies Can Use Social Media

Without a doubt, like any other business, haulage companies depend on establishing relationships-with the local community, with past and present clients, and with other suppliers and potential customers. The best means to do this today is through social media. People need to see how you can relate with them and, thankfully, services like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook of Google+ do half the job, and it’s just up to you to fill in the blanks, as it were. Here are three effective ways of doing just that.

Keep your page as detailed as possible

It’s not enough to just whip up a Facebook page so you can tell people that you’re better of other haulage companies. Sure, you’ll have a social media presence and hopefully people are “liking” your posts, but do those likes convert to business transactions? Probably not. Your social media pages must have all the vital information about your firm, in as engaging a way as you possibly can. Think of it as your 24/7 way of welcoming people and introducing them to your business, keeping careful emphasis on the features that make your services unique and beneficial. And of course, keep it as fun and interesting as possible: post pictures, engage your readers, and fill it with content that demonstrates your positive impact on people’s lives.

Keep abreast of relevant issues

Laws and regulations in the transport industry often change and get updated, and haulage companies must always be aware of the latest changes. Consequently, by making your social media presence a regular means for your clients and peers to be aware of such new laws and policies, you will become a valuable resource. Most people check their Facebook accounts several times every day, and they can easily get annoyed if you post meaningless status messages to flood their news feeds. But useful information-information that’s relevant to them-is different as it is of personal interest to them. By constantly providing such vital information, your social media presence (and consequently, your company) will earn the respect and customer loyalty it deserves.

Run promotions

Another highly effective way for haulage companies to ramp up their business through social media is by running strategically scheduled promotions. Keep in mind that by “promotions”, we speak not only of the occasional discounts and freebies-although those are the most usual promotional means-but also other clever ideas and gimmicks. Be creative, but never forget the bottom line: no matter how creative you get, you must always, always make your promotions beneficial to customers. The customers or anyone who “likes” your page must get something in return for participating.

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