3 Reasons Your Employees Need Orthopaedic Office Chairs

So many company directors don’t bother with providing the correct equipment for their staff, and this can lead to more major problems than you might realise further down the line. It’s actually very simple to make sure people are set up properly at their desks – and you might be liable for any injuries caused because you’ve not provided the right equipment or training.

An orthopaedic office chair can be a simple answer to all your problems – and the cost of bringing them in is much lower than the cost of work not done due to absence.

  • Back pain is the number one cause of office absenteeism

Back pain is staggeringly common. When we sit all day we lose a lot of our muscle tone, and this can make matters worse. It leads to slouching. The other problem is that if the back is not properly supported you might be twisting or hunched over in your seat, which causes a dull ache, or in the more extreme cases, can even lead to sciatica.

  • Your staff will be more productive whilst at work

Being in pain is distracting. If your shoulder or your neck is hurting then you will be focused on that and not on your current workload. This can mean that you don’t get as much done as you should do. You may well find that when your staff are comfortable in orthopaedic office chairs they’re able to do a lot more work than you thought, making each individual more worthwhile. This will save you money on hiring in more staff.

It’s just the same as keeping your staff happy through your actions and your motivation skills – if you show them that they’re valuable to you they will be much more inclined to work hard for you.

  • They can be tailored to the individual

Contrary to popular belief, chairs (and come to mention it, desks), are not one size fits all. A high quality orthopaedic office chair which isn’t well-adjusted will cause you just as much trouble as a cheaper equivalent. Make sure you learn how to thoroughly adjust your seat, and show your staff how to do the same.

Businesses are just better with orthopaedic office chairs. Your staff will be more comfortable, you’ll find there are less days taken off for severe back pain (one of the most common causes of office absence), and your employees will appreciate that you’re taking their needs into consideration.

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