The Benefits of Orthopedic Office Chairs

Orthopedic office chairs are a great business solution, and providing them (along with training on how they’re best used) can help show your staff how much you appreciate them. There are lots of reasons you might need to think about the back care of your employees, but the solution is always the same: if the work space is not set up correctly, then the chances are someone might end up getting hurt through their job. Who thought offices could be so dangerous?!

Not only can an injury lead to work absence, and workload not getting done (or someone else having to pick up extra work load), as an employer you are also liable for your employees health whilst at work – and if they sustain injuries due to malpractice in the workplace you could end up paying for a lot more than just an orthopedic office chair.

Back pain is actually the most frequent cause of sick days, accounting for more time off than childcare, and coughs and colds. It’s surprising when you think about it – and the solution is so simple it’s really surprising that many employers just don’t bother.

An orthopedic office chair for each of your employees can prevent short time absence, as well as longer term, recurrent problem. It’s also a good idea to encourage your staff to get up and walk around when they can, as this will help keep those muscles in check. If you don’t sit up your tone will lapse and you’ll find that you can’t sit straight even if you want to.

Correct desk set up is a key part of keeping everything in check and making sure back health is at maximum. When sitting at your desk, your feet should be flat on the floor, and your calves and back should both be straight up. Your elbow should rest on the arms of the seat, and again, this should be straight and not angled. Your forearms will be doing most of the work, so whilst neutral they should be parallel to the ground, though not resting on the desk.

Simple training will make your employees more aware of their posture, and this can prevent injury. It will also mean that you’re covered – if they don’t follow guidance given but you can prove you provided it then it is their error and not yours. Adjustable desks which can be used whiles seated in an orthopedic office chair but which are also suitable to use standing are an ideal – although this is a much larger investment.

Treat your staff well to avoid workplace injuries and you’ll find your staff are much more inclined to work hard!

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