3 Simple Steps To A Pop Up Club Night

There’s nothing more exciting than a once off event. You can build the hype, and often the marketing will almost do itself. Create a bit of mystery and people go wild.

It wasn’t a one off, but I recently visited one of these mysterious venues in London. ECC in China Town is unmarked. At 13A Gerrard Street there is just a black door. No signs, nothing fancy. It’s nothing to look at from the outside. But when you get past the bouncers on the door (the only sign really, that you’re in the right place at all), and climb the stairs up above the restaurant next door you’re taken into a tiny and exclusive little venue which can clearly justify its sky high prices because it is always full. No marketing, their website is only a single page, but through word of mouth this place is buzzing with activity.

So there’s definitely something said for doing something a bit different.

If you’re looking to put on a club night it can be a bit overwhelming at first. There’s lots of things to think about and you’re going to need to get everything organised before you even consider trying to get people through your doors.

Find the venue

This has to be the first step, and you’re going to need to do it before you move on to step two or you’re going to get some problems arising. The venue is really important because it will dictate capacity (although you can obviously find somewhere based on how many people you’re going to want to attend), as well what furniture you’re going to need to provide yourself. Do you need to look into mobile bar hire, or does the venue come fully equipped?

Usually when you’re hosting an event in a venue which is usually used for something else, you’re going to have to provide at least some of your own bits and pieces – and mobile bar hire is vital to a successful club night.

Sort licenses

If you’re hosting an event which is playing music and serving alcohol you’re going to need some licences. You’re also going to have to produce health and safety information. Permission is key, and if you don’t obtain the right things you run the risk of your event being shut down. At best it will be a waste of time, money and effort, but at worse you could be breaking the law. Make sure you’re fully licensed before you begin to look into mobile bar hire, so you know that everything is good to go.

Everything but the kitchen sink

The kinds of large empty spaces where you’re going to be able to fit a big event which isn’t already being used are likely to not have anything in them at all. Warehouses or outdoor tents like you’d get at festivals are perfect. The issue is you’re going to need to find some furniture. Hiring a mobile bar is vital, but you’re probably going to want to get some tables and some seating in as well. Buying for a one off event is extravagant, which is why we’d suggest mobile bar hire. You can rent anything you need, so make sure you make some lists and get everything perfect.

So that’s it. Get your mobile bar hire, venue and licenses sorted, and the rest will come much more easily.

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