3 Tips for Haulage Companies – Safe, Efficient Road Haulage

Engaging in the business of transporting cargo is demanding, high risk work, which is why haulage companies are always on the look-out for new and better ways to improve their operations – not just to make their jobs easier, but also safer and more efficient.

To that end, the following are three sure-fire tips to significantly increase the safety and efficiency of your delivery trucks while on the road.

Be Aware of Proper Rest Areas

Haulage companies should ensure their drivers are aware of proper rest areas, not only along their established routes, but also in places outside their areas of operation. Any driver that tries to push through with a delivery despite overwhelming fatigue risks his life and also those of others on the road. Moreover, different towns, cities or states have different rules concerning where a haulier can park their vehicle for the night or for a quick nap during the day to recharge. Although there may be designated stops that are specifically meant for delivery vehicles, there are also areas where such trucks can park in normal parking spaces. The bottom line is to know the local rules in order to avoid wasting time and incurring a hefty fine.

Become Part of a Haulage Network

These days, haulage companies cannot afford to be isolated; you stand to benefit from networking not only with potential clients, but also with your competitors. Contrary to some old school thought, being part of a network of players in the same industry can benefit everyone. It’s in much the same way, for example, merchants of a particular product all set up shop on the same street – customers learn that the presence of competition makes it possible for them to get the best deals. Haulers should join an online transport exchange network to become part of such an environment – not just to secure loads and return loads, but also to keep an eye on the competition and be proactive and seize opportunities. Being part of a network will also further hone your knowledge and expertise and even sharpen your business sense.

Know What You’re Delivering

Any reputable haulage companies shouldn’t need to be reminded about this rule, but it is worth stating nevertheless. An item, product or substance you may be transporting will always be subject to local laws and regulations and may entail different insurance coverage. For example, if you’re travelling through a country that strictly regulates the particular drug or chemical in your load, you’ll need to know all the protocols before proceeding. You may need to take out various types of insurance for your protection in consideration of your cargo.

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