4 Ways Haulage Companies Can Tackle the Big City

Transport has made cities, and cities have given birth to transportation. It’s been this way from the earliest times and it remains this way today. So it should come as no surprise that as cities change there is an impact on transport firms. The new complexities thrown up by the developing geography, business, and structure of the modern city have to be faced. But with a little forward thinking, you can face these urban complexities and turn them to your advantage.

Right vehicles, right routes

Cities tend to grow with some sense of order and a greater sense of organic chaos. Old roads are linked to vast highways, commuters shift from trains to trams, traffic systems are replaced and transformed and new tolls and road fines come and go. Alongside all this, haulage companies must get cargo to all kinds of clients on time. They must navigate this urban network, and to do so they must think openly about the smartest vehicles and cleverest routes. They need to consider whether bicycles, motorbikes, vans or cars are better for their purposes, and whether toll ways, back-alleys, night routes or expressways will be most efficient.

Kill dead mileage

Dead mileage has always been a thorn in the side of anyone making a delivery, and it is no less the case in the big city. When you send a van to a site and you know it has to return to the depot or go to the next pick-up point empty, you will no doubt rue the wasted time and fuel spent on an empty van. The tight schedules, changing client demands and competitive environment faced by inner-city haulage companies can make it all the harder to kill dead mileage. But communication innovations such as online exchanges and mobile connectivity can enable you to find return loads quickly and across many routes.

Real-time technology

The nature of the modern metropolis makes windows of opportunities tighter, and this is felt in almost any industry. People are always running short of time. There is no time to waste, especially in regards to communication, so haulage companies must be like every other professional corporation and be married to the smartphone and tablet at all times. The smart way to take advantage of this is to use creative apps and programs to streamline your communication and real-time tracking of cargo so you are efficient, not simply stressed.

Savvy marketing

It can be tough to get your name out there in the city in the face of so many competing industry voices. Smart haulage companies understand exactly who and where their marketing should be directed, and then find simple and innovative ways to reach this market. Getting your voice out in the city, and making sure its trusted, is never a waste of an investment.

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