3 Top Ways to Improve Customer Service for Haulage Companies

Haulage companies that aspire to dominate in the industry cannot afford to overlook the importance of customer service: when done correctly and proactively, excellent customer service can exponentially grow your customer base and open up new avenues of business. The following tips are simply three of the most effective ways to do so.

The Right Software and Technology

It’s nothing new: advanced communication and support technology have been a part of excellent customer service for many years now, and there is no reason why haulage companies should not be using them. In fact, as the industry is essentially people-oriented, it is a must to use the necessary tools – not only to enhance customer service, but also make your operations as fast, efficient, and waste-averse as possible. For example, a good customer relationship management (or CRM) software will enable you to gather customer-related data and track their activities vis-à-vis transactions with your company. Such software will give your company a distinct, comprehensive perspective on how to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations; by knowing and anticipating their needs, you will be able to provide them with satisfying experience.

The Right Training

Excellent customer service begins with the individual employee. This means you should instil every single person in your organisation with a strong service-oriented attitude; they should learn how to treat customers well, even those not under their direct responsibility. They should understand that every person who comes in contact with your organisation must walk away feeling happy with their experience. Haulage companies, therefore, being heavily involved with their customers, must make this their top priority. In fact, this must be prioritised at every point of contact: from your company website, how your people answer the phone, chat or email, even the way your truck drivers deal with clients.

The Right People

This cannot be emphasised enough: it’s very hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The same goes for haulage companies that are trying to form a service-oriented team: choose people with a strong background in customer service, or at least those who are willing to walk the extra mile. Your personnel recruitment phase should keep a sharp eye on candidates with a strong customer focus, especially for positions that require regular public contact. Moreover, your training system for new staff must be integrated with proactive service lessons. But the bottom line is – choose the right people and everything else will follow.

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