Top 3 Benefits of Customer Service Software for Delivery Work

While using customer service software when doing delivery work may seem common sense, there are drivers who forego usage of such software and insist on doing things manually. But such software can have a huge positive impact on the overall profitability and performance of your haulage business. The following are just the three most obvious benefits.

Seeing New Opportunities

One important benefit of using good customer service software when doing delivery work is that it frees you up (as well as your entire management team) from the daily drudgery of accomplishing manual tasks. When you’re always busy – spending the typical workday bogged down by mundane, repetitive tasks – it’s extremely difficult to find the time to actually identify and focus on new growth opportunities. When you use reporting software, you end up automating entire swathes of tasks, as well as making several aspects of your daily work much more efficient. A good customer service software will also be able to show you trends you can identify and exploit; for example, the software can show you (for example) that a large number of customers may call inquiring about a new product or service or one that has not been offered anywhere. This is an opportunity for you to investigate offering such a new service. Without such software, you would not have been able to get that perspective.

Evaluating Good Employees

If you’re a small organisation doing delivery work, you may be able to manually evaluate each and every employee deserving of a pay raise or a promotion. But when your company grows in number and scope, accurate evaluation can be next to impossible. How do you know who is doing what and to what degree of performance? The best customer service software usually has several built-in criteria that you can use to sort out the best performers, making your evaluation much more accurate and justifiable. The metrics included in the software may include time spent on the road doing a delivery job; the time it took from initial response to full accomplishment of each task; and the level of customer satisfaction (which should be gathered by asking customers to tick off a brief after-service questionnaire).

Spotting Challenges

In the same way good customer service software allows you to identify opportunities in delivery work, it can also help you see challenges or weaknesses that exist in your operation. For example, the software can show you if there’s a significant number of in-bound customer calls that get transferred to other departments, or that take too long to get resolved. This indicates that your employees may need further training, especially in the sense that they need to understand the ‘big picture’ instead of caring only about their small part in it. It’s important to note that identification of challenges is only the first step; what must follow is the effort to find better ways of getting done.

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