3 Types Of Furniture You Should Hire For Any Event

When you’re organising an event there seems to be a million and one things which you’re going to have to think about. It’s usually a case of preparing for more or less every conceivable eventuality – and having the tools you’ll need to deal with that. You need to be incredibly organised and nothing can phase you. On top of that you’ll need to be good at time keeping, superb at list keeping, and there’ll be people management to do as well. With so many different necessary skills you will basically need to be a superhero.

All that said, event planning can be a lot of fun, and the satisfaction when you know you’re organised a great event is amazing.

We can’t possibly cover all the things you need to do when you’re preparing for an event in one article, so we’ve decided to talk about just one (rather important) aspect: event furniture hire.

When you’re looking at furnishing your event you’re likely to also need to find a hire company (unless you own a huge range of chairs, tables, bars and sofas in a rainbow of colours which we assume you probably don’t). Event furniture hire means you can get the furniture you want when and where you need it without having to pay out huge amounts to actually own the pieces.

So what are the most popular things to hire for events?

1. Chairs

Bit of a given really, because every event needs at least a few chairs. Whether it’s a conference or a wedding, a staff party or an awards ceremony, people are going to need to sit down. The seats will all need to match, and go with any colour scheme that you’ve picked out. Looking into event furniture hire is by far the best way to sort out all your seating needs. Whether you’re after dining chairs or plush armchairs, you’ll be able to rent out the items you need for far cheaper than it would be to buy them.

2. Bars

A bar does not need to serve alcoholic drinks, regardless of popular opinion. It’s somewhere to stand behind and serve drinks, or to rest your glasses on when you’re finished. They’re really useful for almost any event at all, from a ruby wedding anniversary party to a prom. Unfortunately not all venues will have their own bars fitted, but you can use event furniture hire companies to provide them instead.

3. Sofas

Now a sofa might not be the most obvious thing to get from an event furniture hire company but they’re actually great for a huge range of events. When you’re looking to create a sociable atmosphere with a mix of standing and seated guests, formal dining chairs can be problematic. They look messy when scattered around a room, but in regimented lines it will be harder for people to socialise. Enter the sofa. You can create comfortable pockets of seating all around your venue which people can come and go from at will. But a sofa is an expensive thing to buy, so event furniture hire is definitely a better option.

Essentially we’re suggesting that you use event furniture hire in order to simplify the planning process for yourself.

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