7 Ways to Make the Outside of Your Business Safer

Many business owners think of the inside of their business first when it comes to safety issues. They typically think of this because it is where they will likely spend most of their time. However, the outside of the business needs to be just as safe as the inside for employees and customers. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that the outside of your business is safe for everyone who enters the property.

Make sure railing is available and properly installed. Railing should be placed along ramps and stairs. It should be smooth and free of anything that could possibly cut or hurt anyone who grips onto it. It should be sturdy and not move when held onto. Make sure it is at the proper height and will hold a lot of weight. Contact a professional who can help you to make sure that your railing is appropriate and safe.

Ensure your parking lot is clear and free of obstructions and debris. The parking lot can be a very dangerous place if there are no markings for parking or if there are too many obstructions to block a persons’ view when crossing the area or driving. The driveway or parking lot should not be obstructed when pulling into or out from onto the main roadway. Make sure the area does not have debris that could cause a person to trip.

A walkway should be properly paved and free of obstructions and even. If the walkways are uneven, a person could certainly trip on a raised edge or from losing his or her balance. The walkway should not be crumbling or falling apart. Nothing should block a person’s path or stick out of the ground. All walkways should be wide enough for two people to safely pass each other. Keep the area free from garbage and materials that could make a person stumble or fall.

Inspect the building for safety issues such as beehives. In some areas, this may be a cause for concern. Many people are allergic to bees and could easily die if they were stung. You can make sure this is not a problem by inspecting crevices and other spots that bees like on the outside of your building. If you find a beehive, make sure that you contact a wildlife professional who can help you to determine the best way to remove it.

Your steps should be lined with anti-slip tread. The steps should also be free of debris and clearly marked so people do not unexpectedly trip on them. If possible, make sure the steps are not too steep and that you have a ramp to assist people who cannot use the steps do to physical limitations.

Make sure all outside areas are properly lit. Lighting is very important because it can eliminate problems due to visibility issues. Make sure the entrance, walkways, and parking lot are all lit brightly so that people can see and feel safer at night and during low visibility due to weather. Put the lights on a timer so that they will come on automatically if you forget to turn them on, or purchase lights that have a sensor to turn on the lights when the natural light disappears.

Keep slippery items, such as wet leaves, snow, and ice properly cleaned up off of walkways. Weather can cause a lot of problems if you let it. Do not let it by cleaning up after storms and windy weather. Put down properly formulated salt to melt and prevent ice from forming in cold weather, and regularly check the walkways during prolonged storms to keep the walkways free of obstructions.

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