Association Events: Don’t Make These Top 5 Tech Mistakes

Technology has become such a part of our lives that integrating it into events is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. As you plan your next association conference, keep attendees smiling by avoiding these top 5 tech mistakes.

Tech Mistake #1: Mail or Fax Registration

Online registration and payment saves both the attendee and your association lots of time and headache. Make use of your membership management software for sign-ups to the event.

Not only will online registration alleviate the need for attendees to find where they left a forever stamp or fight with the office fax machine, but it will also save you time on the back end.

No more manually entering attendee data into a spreadsheet or database or dealing with bounced checks. Halleluiah!

Tech Mistake #2: Shoddy Wi-Fi

People expect to be connected all the time these days. Keep in mind many attendees will have proverbial fires to put out back at the office and will require Wi-Fi to stay in contact with their staff.

Almost worse than having no Wi-Fi at all, shoddy Wi-Fi will create lots of frustration among registrants. Be sure the meeting location can handle the digital load for your event. If necessary, consider supplemental Wi-Fi service providers.

Tech Mistake #3: Equipment Failure/Novices

Don’t waste 20 minutes of a 60 minute presentation fiddling with screen projectors. Attendees expect event speakers to know how to use the equipment. Provide adequate time between sessions to allow presenters to get set up and test the equipment before the published start time.

Also, when booking your association conference location, ask if there is someone on site who will be available during the event to assist with any equipment questions or failure.

Tech Mistake #4: On the Fly Event Hashtags

Don’t make up a hashtag on the day of the event. Create an event hashtag well in advance and include it on marketing materials. Also, share the hashtag on the agenda and registration materials.

Providing an established hashtag encourages social sharing and prevents confusion.

Tech Mistake #5: Not Providing Slides

Attendees expect to receive the slides of presentations to review at a later date. Providing the presentations lets the conference go-ers reference material to jog their memory, as well as view the content they may have missed.

They can spend the presentation actively listening instead of trying to replicate bullet points in their notes.

When planning your next association conference, be sure to avoid these top 5 technology mistakes.

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