Being Proud Of The Money You Make.

I started my first business when I was 19 years old (just a few years ago-NOT!)

In any case, I’ve learned so much through my experience as an entrepreneur that sometimes it’s mind-blowing!

Being an entrepreneur has taught me how to be a good communicator, to be diplomatic, to be sincere, to put others first, to let go, to hold on and to be humble to name a few. There are countless lessons that I’ve learned and the most important one for me has been that I’m here for several purposes, not just one.

One of the purposes I’m here for is to make a lot of money! Yes I said it, I’m here on this earth to make so much money that my head is going to spin!

Let me tell you why I feel so strongly about this because you may also be here to make so much money that your head is going to spin too!

Money doesn’t define who I am; my values define who I am. But money allows me to carry out more of my personal and professional missions that are in alignment with my values and feel good in my heart.

I have a handful of philanthropic endeavors that I want to get involved in and I need money to make the kind of impact I want to make.

There are experiences that I want to provide for others, money will make that happen.

And finally, the real underlying reason I know that I’m meant to make a lot of money is that I am a teacher and a giver by nature and that is my gift that I bring to the world.

This gift is wrapped up in the way that I help others fill their businesses with clients they love to work with so that they ultimately make the money they want so they can have the impact they’re meant to have on the world.

And the more money I make is a direct reflection of the number of people I’m helping. So when I see my bank account balance get higher, I don’t see dollar signs in my head, I feel smiles in my heart.

The more money I make, the more others are doing the same because now they know how to network in a way that’s client attractive and filling their business.

My purpose in helping others with their businesses is being fulfilled and it’s allowing me to fulfill my other purposes that I’m also very passionate about.

Money is not always looked at with such a positive perspective and that’s too bad because being afraid to make money (yes some people are afraid to make money) is a limiting belief that will rob you of what you are meant to be doing and can keep you from fulfilling the different purposes you’re here for.

I come across many people who aren’t comfortable making money. They almost see it as a necessary evil. It’s a mindset that needs to shift and if you want to make that shift, get this into your bones:

  • You are meant to make money and to make an abundance of it
  • The more money you make is a reflection of the number of people you help
  • There are hundreds and thousands of people out there who want and need what you have to offer them and time is of the essence
  • It’s a disservice not to make every effort to reach the people who would benefit from what you have to offer
  • Identify the impact you want to have in the world, the experiences you want to have for yourself and create for others and allow that to motivate you to work consistently toward your goals
  • Take committed action to fulfill your many purposes, big and small
  • Get out of your own way, commit to your purposes and the rewards will come to you in way you can’t possibly hope or dream!

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