Care Assistant Jobs – What Is Involved?

Care assistant jobs, which are otherwise called home care jobs are fundamentally meant for providing help to old age patients under the guidance and supervision of the care home manager. Candidates taking up this position will also have to assist the nursing staff in the effective operation of the care home for which they are working. These works require the genuine interest of the person getting the job and the individual should also have the ability to communicate effectively at different levels. Generally, people applying for this position are expected to play an important role in teams and they should always be willing to take part in vocational training programs too.

Generally, an individual planning to apply for care assistant jobs, should go through a satisfactory police check for ensuring that he is free of any criminal records. However, this check is conducted only by some employers. Also, people with knowledge about infection control and health and safety at work Act can gain better weightage as compared to other people applying for the position.

Home care jobs involve working as the important worker for all the patients within the home. The individuals working under this position should make the patients feel comfortable. They should also assist patients in adapting themselves to the new environments and to settle. In some cases, they might be allocated with live in care jobs and in such a case, they should be ready to work from the home of the patient. When working for an individual patient at his/her home, the individual will be expected to assist the patient in dressing, washing and bathing, apart from giving them the medicines prescribed by the health care provider on time.

When these individuals are working for a nursing home, they should be fast enough to respond to the call bells of patients and in the case of any emergency, the same should be immediately reported to the supervisor in charge. When these personnel monitor the patients under the supervision of the senior staff, they can gain confidence and expertise in their job.

When an individual is allotted with live in care jobs, he/she should be ready to live in the homes of the patients themselves to provide round the clock support to the patient. This can be a convenient alternative for some, while it will be a tough job for some. This means that some of them might feel comfortable about attending the same patient every day, while some of them wish to work in a nursing home, so that they can attend different patients each day.

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