Consider a Business Jet for Your Next Trip

A business jet may be a great alternative to flying commercially. You don’t have the hassle of waiting in line, checking baggage, or sitting in cramped seats with a lot of folks you don’t know. There are numerous companies with certifications and experienced pilots who provide charter service for corporate or personal trips. While the selection may vary among different services, a business jet is generally available to accommodate large or small groups and with many optional amenities.

Many business jets are based on well-known airline types, so they are manufactured by companies that are probably familiar to you. 
– Airbus: This company manufacturers many of the heavy aircraft for private commercial use. Some examples include the A318 Elite, the A319CJ, and the Airbus A380, also known as the “Flying Palace”. 
– Boeing: Boeing is a family name known for its large aircraft. Some models include the Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and the Boeing 747-8- 
– Embraer: This company features several different sizes of airplanes for corporate and personal use, from heavy models to very light, accommodating small groups of up to 19 people. 
– Bombardier: Bombardier makes a variety of corporate planes, including large cabin, mid-size and light models. Their light duty models include the popular Learjet series. 
– Dassault: The Dassault Falcon models offer versatility with options for large or small groups. 
– Gulfstream: This company designs a wide range of large cabin and mid-size aircraft. 
– Cessna: The Cessna planes are very popular for personal use, as they provide a wide range of light and very light models in their Citation series. Cessna also makes a mid-size airplane. 
– Hawker: Hawker Beechcraft is another popular manufacturer of personal use planes, with several mid-size, light and very light models. 
A few other manufacturers make some very light aircraft, including Eclipse, Epic and Honda.

Some of the very small aircraft will accommodate a group as small four, making it ideal for transporting executives for a corporate meeting or for a small family outing to a special vacation spot. The small models may seat anywhere from four to eight people. A large business jet may provide space for 25 to 50 passengers, and many may have unique seating configurations according to the customer’s specifications.

Additional features 
Some mid-size and large models may offer many conveniences, such as a master bedroom, shower and bathroom facilities, a garage, movie room, and complete dining facilities. These types usually have several decks. For most models except the smallest, you may also request additional services such as flight attendants, special food and beverages, or assistance with transportation to and from the airport.

Depending on your personal or corporate travel needs, you may want to consider a business jet for your next trip. Contact different providers to discuss your needs for space and services, and you may find it’s more affordable than you think.

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