Purchasing the Perfect Private Plate for Investment? – Top Steps and Tips

It’s no surprise that the rates of private number plates are on the increase, with the amount of infallible, incredible cars being produced in our modern society. With these personal products once being a tradition for luxury vehicles, it is becoming more common for people to represent themselves, a company or industry upon their vehicle. It is therefore, no further surprise that people wish to add the cherry to the top of their cake with a private and unique number plate to their car. With such high desire and demand, wide audience and high market; investing in private number plates could be the cherry added to your cake of business.

Many private number plate companies try to enable investment in this sector to be as simple and applicable as possible. With a few simple steps and tips, you can be well on your way to a very successful alternative investment. As the audience in this certain investment is wide, you are almost assured to always have a customer. From teenagers who have just passed their driving test, males, females, adults, businesses and companies and many more; the lisence plates may vary but can apply to many. A tip in investing personal or private lisence plates is to invest in those that seem fairly common, such as names and numbers.

Another path into investing private number plates for customers is to receive the desired plate by the individual and then hit an online search engine. Many private number plate companies behold ‘quick private number plate searches’ in which portrays as to whether that specific number is available or not. Names of individuals or companies, addresses, numbers and even initials can be entered into these searches as criteria. The plates will then be offered, which can then be referred to the customer and they can take their choice of the plate they think fits best. Purchase options are also available online, where there is a choice for you to have a free transfer service or to do a self transfer with a certificate which the customer can then take to their local DVLA office.

An alternative to this is to use the DVLA as your main buyer. This shares its advantages and disadvantages, such as the DVLA being well known and trustworthy but also possibly lacking the numbers and letters desired. If the plate you covet to purchase is not available directly from the DVLA however, Cherished Number Plate Dealers may be your answer. Here, more websites and search engines shall appear for you to do your ‘quick private number plate search’ as stated above.

Buying from reputable suppliers is also important for the best results in your investment. There are three main number plate dealer associations; The Association of Personalised Registration Traders (APRT), The Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA) & Members of the Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers (MIRAD). All of these associations willingly offer help to any possible or certain investors. There are other dealers that you can get involved in, but levels of professionalism can vary. This does not however lower the individual dealers; it just means that it could be considered a question as to whether they wish not to be a member with a trade organisation.

This is beginning to prove to be a safe investment, whether for mid-term or long-term periods of time; with share prices falling and an increased demand for the product. The biggest tip that can be given is that the investment should of course be researched so that you can find for the right path which suits your needs and availability.

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