Dunnage Bags Provide an Economical, Fast and Adequate Load Securing System

Dunnage Bags are very effective in securing and stabilizing the cargo in sea containers, trailers, railcars and vessels. The air bags are versatile load securing products for cargo that are effective at preventing movement of shipping loads during transportation. The bags are made up of a closed chamber bag made of plastic materials. This is then covered by several layers of either paper or a polypropylene woven material to provide the optimal strength. Dunnage Bags have several names including, inflatable bags, dunnage air bags, air cushions and many more.

How Do Dunnage Bags Work?

The sole purpose of a Dunnage Bag is to secure a load and prevent cargo from moving during transportation. As the air bag inflate, the loads are pressed against the sides of a container. It is important to ensure that the size of the dunnage bag is correctly calculated against the size of a load as choosing the wrong size can cause damage to the cargo inside or unbalance the load. If the space in between cargo loads is wider, then the bag should also be wide enough to be able to fill the gap.

Advantages Of Dunnage Bags:

Due to their unique properties, Dunnage Bags are quite unique and have several advantages which makes air bags highly suitable and in demand for all types of cargo transportation solutions. Some of the main advantages of the air Bags are as follows:

Dunnage Air Bags can absorb lateral and longitudinal forces caused by the transportation movements as well as stopping sideway sliding and tipping. The bags can also be used to fill the gap between the roof of a container and the load which can prevent vertical movements.

Choosing The Right Dunnage Bag

As mentioned earlier it is extremely important when choosing the right container air bags for load securing requirements. Here are some key factors that should be considered to determine the appropriate load secure:

  1. The application type – will the cargo be loaded onto a lorry trailer or shipping container?
  2. Reusability – Will the dunnage bags be reused for transporting other cargo loads or will it be used once?
  3. Performance – This refers to a set of sub categories relating to the performance requirements including: Price – what budget do you have?
  4. Strength – The characteristics of what is expected of the dunnage bag and the type of cargo it will be used to secure. This includes the weight of the load against the strength of the air bag. The Firmness, Durability, Puncture resistance should also be considered where strength is concerned.
  5. Moisture resistance – are the containers likely to be damaged allowing for moisture to enter, if so should an economical paper air bag be used instead of the woven moisture resistant bags?
  6. Filling technology – How quickly do the bags need to be deflated, what type of inflator is needed.

All of these considerations will assist with proactive load secure planning and choosing a load securing solution. Trust none other than the UK’s most prominent name in the industry – Fortris Load Secure Ltd. Fortrisuk.co.uk is a reliable Dunnage Air Bag Supplier, based in Burntwood, Staffordshire. United Kingdom.

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