Elegantly Simple Ways To Eliminate Aircraft Maintenance Quality Problems

Do you often wonder why quality is such a problem?

From the screams and yells by your quality assurance manager to the stops in distribution from your CAMO, life in aircraft maintenance can be rough.

It’s a test of your courage, a test of your patience, a test of your will.

Nothing is more frustrating and nothing halts productivity like quality issues.

You’ve experienced it.

You know how it feels.

It’s the morning when your parts supplier ships you an alternate when the alternate isn’t effective on your aircraft, when they send you an overhauled unit without the proper airworthiness certification, or when they ship you material with crappy packaging and your $20,000 part got damaged in transit.

These are quality issues and these are what’s causing you to lose your hair.

The fact is, quality is a perfect way to cut long-term aircraft maintenance cost and it’s stupidly simple.

Yes, stupidly simple.

Let’s see how…

Don’t play with fire, play with ice

Playing with fire in aviation is like being burned by 2,700 degrees fahrenheit jet fuel.

I’ll take my chances with ice.

Working under fire never leads to a productive aircraft maintenance plan.

Mistakes will happen, productivity will be lost and your sanity will get tested.

Not to mention, you’re stress and problems will then be pushed down to your partners, bottlenecking you entire distribution

Creating an aircraft maintenance plan will help you offset your chaotic distribution.

Here are a few ways to prepare yourself:

  • Make note of your best supplier and MRO and use them often. They’ll save you more money with less problems than the initial price ever will.
  • Utilize problem solving partners. Each and every one of your partners must be able to look beyond their operation and into yours. They should do everything they can to eliminate your problems.
  • Create contingency plans. What are your fall back choices and what will you do if an issue occurs?
  • Know your distribution. How will material flow to your aircraft maintenance base and who’s your go to logistics provider?
  • Each aircraft parts supplier and MRO should have an a up to date quality manual and training.

Quality is beyond quality, it’s about purpose

Sorry to break it to you but quality is simple.

It’s about good products, good inspections, good processes and most of all, good partners.

Aircraft maintenance is a hosh posh (what does that mean?) of logistics and hundreds of hands involved for the end, successful work order and a healthy plane back in the air.

Because of course, that’s where you make money.

Quality is all about purpose. If your partners do not have a purpose then they do not have quality. Purpose is not just supplying parts for your aircraft maintenance. 
Skylink’s purpose is to cut your aviation stress so you can be more productive, happy and truly know someone cares about you.

It’s about solving problems, being a resource and most of all being a trustworthy expert in the field.

Your partners should help solve issues before you even have to ask.

That is true quality at it’s best.


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