7 Reasons Why You Need a Written Wellness Plan

Recently I did a seminar for around 100 financial planners and we talked about the importance of creating a healthy balance. These professionals routinely create financial plans for their clients to create financial wealth so I explained the similarity around the importance of creating a wellness plan for themselves if they want to create a great life.

I explained that most people make the time to plan a holiday well in advance but neglect to spend the time on creating a wellness plan and then are surprised when life doesn’t turn out like they hoped.

Isn’t it any wonder?

For most people, you have in your control, the ability to create abundant health if only you spend the time to dissect the elements of what health truly is to you and create small, actionable steps that lead you to the bigger picture. Some of these elements would include: exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindset training and spiritual/personal development.

This is why I believe everyone, especially leaders – should take the time to create a written wellness plan document. A leader is an influencer and can show the way to their fellow work colleagues, families and children.

There are at least seven reasons why I believe this is important:

1. A Wellness Plan will help clarify your important priorities. 
When you think about your ideal health, do you have an order of preference? Lose weight? Reduce blood pressure? Reduce cholesterol? Reduce alcohol? Gain more energy? Clear brain fog? List what is important to you.

2. A Wellness Plan will enable you to maintain balance. 
When life throws you a ‘curve ball’ you’ll be better equipped to handle what comes your way. With robust health, you’ll have reduced stress, become more resilient and have a stronger mindset to react to life’s adversities.

3. A Wellness Plan will provide a filter by which you can say “no” to lesser things. 
Once you have said “yes” to the things that matter most, you are in a better position to say “no” to things that don’t align with your goals. You’ll have clarity – and the courage – to manage circumstances and temptations rather than to be managed by them.

4. A Wellness Plan will empower you to identify and address your current realities. 
What are the most brutal realities of your health? Where are you falling short? Where do you know you need to improve? A Wellness Plan will identify what areas take higher priority and what you need to address.

5. A Wellness Plan will equip you to envision a better future. 
What do you want in your life? In your current status of health, can you see yourself sustaining where you want to go in the future? Whether it is 1 year, 5 years or 10 years ahead – do you really believe that without a health plan and the right strategies in place, you can really achieve what you set out?

6. A Wellness Plan will serve as a road map for accomplishing what matters most. 
It doesn’t have to be complicated but you do have to identify life’s markers along the way. A health plan does that..

7. A Wellness Plan will help ensure that you don’t finish life with regrets. 
For many people life is not turning out like they had hoped. They are disappointed, confused and discouraged due to ill health. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While you can’t control everything, what is in your control are your lifestyle choices. You can live with a plan and dramatically improve your chances of ending up at a destination you choose.

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