How She Got 9 New Coaching Clients In 3 Weeks ($20k Revenue)

Kristie has a hormone therapy practice with a healthy client load. However, she was exhausted because her main source of revenue was working with patients 1:1 on a per-consultation model, essentially trading hours for dollars. She wanted to incorporate more wellness and lifestyle coaching into her work, and structure her business so she can work with patients on a long-term basis to achieve more impactful and lasting results. She also wanted to create a leveraged business model through offering programs and products, as well as reaching a wider audience through an online presence, so her income is not solely dependent on the number of hours she can put in into working in her business.

After she signed up to work with me, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work right away. Kristie has a super busy life, and needs to manage her existing practice while orchestrate this transition, so we want to make sure she gets the biggest bang for her bucks in terms of the time and effort she puts in.

As of the time of writing this article, we have worked together for 10 sessions.

In the past 3 weeks, she signed 9 NEW CLIENTS into her brand new packages, bringing in $20k in revenue.

Here is the exact process (including the hiccups) we have gone through thus far to get Kristie’s new offerings up and running in record time:

  • We started out by helping her get clear on exactly what she wants her business to do for her. Having this clear vision gives us a filter for our strategies and tactics to make sure that everything we do will bring her closer to her desired lifestyle and goals.
  • We then followed my proven process to help her define her target market. This was a tough nut to crack as she was so used to the model that she would take every patient that walks into her door! So I helped her “attack” this from a different angle by reverse engineering it from her expertise, her passion and her ideal offerings. We went with the flow and a few weeks later a very clear picture emerged for her, which further helps her define where she can find her ideal clients.
  • She felt quite stuck in the first few sessions – not taking the actions or completing the assignments, and not progressing as quickly as we would like. So we looked into the root cause of what is holding her back and uncover a big can of “mindset and fear” worms. The couple of sessions we spent on untangling this web proved to be time very well spent because when she broke free and sprung into action, the results were amazing.
  • We worked through her per-consultation, “take everyone who walks in the door” kind of mindset. Now she has a mindset of a powerful coach and understands that why being selective and stand by her power is the best way to serve her clients.
  • Kristie had a lot of reservation when it comes to transitioning her existing patients to this new model – her fear of being vulnerable came to the surface and we worked through it using the Fear Releasing Method (of which I am a certified practitioner) and by giving her a plan on communicating the transition to her current patients. When she is able to see a plan of action and develop the trust in herself that everything will fall into place, she was ready to roll!
  • Once the hurdles are clear we designed and price her three levels of private program offerings. We stayed mindful about Kristie’s goals in having a more balanced lifestyle, and made sure that we put strong boundary around her accessibility to patients.
  • Instead of focusing on the number of sessions, we added value to the packages by leveraging her existing resources to increase the perceived value of her packages, so she can charge more without doing more work.
  • Sitting on a bunch of programs doesn’t bring you money! Kristie “put it out there” right away and have conversations with potential clients – committing to offering this new format of working with her despite the initial fear and uncertainty. She actually sold one package before we had the chance to design the details of her program!
  • Ling helps her clients supercharge their actions not only through practical strategies and marketing tools, but also through their growth and development – so they not only grow their business, but also LET THEIR BUSINESS GROW THEM. Through her “left brain meets right brain” approach, she helps her clients uncover their truth and tap into their intuition, then ground those light bulb moments with practical strategies and marketing tactics.

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