Overview of Google Product Feed Listing

As we have many famous marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and many more. Now Google is also a marketplace. Yes, you read it right. Google is innovative and it keeps on inventing new things. Now, the other wing of Google is “Google shopping”. You can upload products and sell products like you do it on other marketplaces like eBay and amazon. In this article we will discuss about Google merchant account and Google merchant data feed. Some people also call it Google feed only.

To upload products on Google shopping there are some rules and regulations that one will have to follow for successful processing of data. First of all you need to create a Google merchant account which is as simple as creating a gmail account. After creating a merchant account, one needs to put business information, website details, customer service number, personal details. It may take up to 2 days to get the account setup and approved by Google. After an account is set up, one needs to verify and claim the URL of the website. Once account is ready and verified then submit your feed on your Google merchant account.

Uploading or submitting feed on Google account is like upload products on any ecommerce platform. If you have performed Magento data entry via csv file then submitting a Google feed will be easy for you. But if you have not worked on any ecommerce platform or this is the first time you are dealing with Google feeds then I would recommend to look for an experienced person who has done it before. Now, it’s time to submit your feed. Before submitting it you need to create your Google feed. For now. Google shopping has some limitations. Google accepts feed in a few formats like txt, xml, zip etc. The columns or fields in the feed will be depending upon the kind of data one has to upload. But there are some basic fields which should be there in all fields like, ID, title, description, category, image, price, availability and a few others.

After you submit your Google merchant data feed to Google merchant account a status will be given to each product which you uploaded. This status explains whether the product is eligible to go live or not. Or is there any errors while uploading products. After uploading products you can track the performance of the products and make the changes in prices and information of the products whenever you require.

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