How to Overcome Problems on Your Own?

How to overcome problems on your own? 
“Problems are not always problems until you see it as a problem”.

I know the above quote is bit confusing but just read between the lines and try relating your problems as pleasure or gifts.

There are ten strong steps to face your problems or issues firmly.

Before starting to analyze your problem and finding the root cross, get ready yourself with both physically and mentally.

  • At first, whenever you face an issue don’t think it as your problem rather think the issue is of your friends or relatives side: This will allow your mind to be calm and will make the brain to think the solutions.
  • Drink lots and lots of water before and after you start analyzing the issues, which will ease your brain physically and leads way to the best solution.


1. Based upon your problem try to figure out possible risk scenarios that you might face later

2. List out all the future risks in your problem and write it in one paper or use excel for listing out.

3. Write all the possible solutions that reaches your mind and write it down next to the problems.

4. Discuss the solutions among yourself first, think yourself as god or investigator or as a police. By this way you could gain too many questions and could filter some of the solutions.

5. Now, with the pending solutions, make out some priority and pick some 3 solutions which better suits to your mind.

6. Implement the first solution slowly as a demo, by this way you could find the do’s and dont’s. Demo can be a drama, writing or any experiments but try to do such things in a lonely environment.

7. Practice the first solution as long as possible and take your own time to thorough in and out of the issues.

8. After the practice session, implement the same in your real life. If you wish you might discuss the same with your most reliable person.

9. If this fails don’t be tensed or stressed, there are always plenty of solutions left for you to work out. Go for the second solution as written already and start again from the step 6.

10. Finally, make yourself clean and calm to adopt any type of solutions. Don’t listen to people criticizing or scaring you. Always think positive and you will win.

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