Investing in Wine Stocks – Which One Is Best

It’s at the end of one of those days, a perfect day and a day to celebrate. You have just finished a marvelous meal topped off with a superior wine. As you savor the last those last few sips, you remember you need to replenish your stock.

Being a connoisseur of wines, you have no problem of picking a tantalizing bottle to celebrate with. You have invested in a top of the line wine cooler and you are satisfied with the stock you have on hand. This was not always the case. Not that long ago, you thought, I can pick out that next $30 bottle that is going to be worth hundreds in the future. So, you checked out adding a full-scale wine cellar luckily, you had done your due diligence. The cost of construction; the cost of the HVAC system; the extra cost of insuring the stock from damage; not to mention the mental cost of having all this wine and you cannot afford to drink any of it. Yes, the wine cooler is perfect.

You love going to wine country whether its Napa or Provence. Would it not be wonderful to have a great vine stock, several hundred acres of prime land to build your own vineyard. Who could say no? However, unless you inherit a vineyard, the cost of buying one would be huge. In fact, I had a venture capitalist tell me that buying a vineyard is a way to take a huge fortune to make a small fortune.

You still feel that in someway you should be investing in the industry. Well, you can, either on your own or through a broker, find a wine stock or mutual fund to invest in. That way, you can have your wine and drink it too!

No matter what you invest in, it takes cash! It is hard to find extra dollars to invest after all the living expenses are paid even as single person. If you are tired of living from pay check to pay check, please read the true story in the link below. I’m living the easy life, you can too!

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