Invest With Objective – The Mutual Fund Way

Investing in mutual funds is easy if you have proper goal in place. In India most of the retail investors do not have proper knowledge to invest in mutual funds and go by the logic of their “doorstep” agents. As said by elders “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Investing is easy but choosing schemes which suit your risk profile is most difficult part. Now a days internet has become handy to invest online. But what people fail to understand is whether their hard earned money will work as hard as they do. In many instances a person earning a decent income will be more serious of saving money by reducing his expenses. He knows his goals and work towards his objective.

Best way to plan about your future is to take paper and pen and ask the following difficult questions to yourself:

1. Do I have a stable job? 
2. Am I satisfied with my job and income? 
3. What do I first think on receiving my monthly income? 
4. Where will I be five years from now with regard to income? 
5. Can I handle any emergency situation (money) without any help? 
6. Have I discussed what my near and dear ones think about my future? 
7. Who will take care of my parents / spouse / children in my absence? 
8. What will I do in case of health emergencies of my parents / spouse / children? Am I prepared? 
9. How much is my monthly expense? How to reduce my expense? 
10. Where is my money lying now?

If you do not find satisfactory answers then keep reading…

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