Investing Like the Wealthy

Although this article might not give you every detailed question that you might have about investing, it’s purpose is to provide you with perspective and insight on how many of America’s wealthiest individuals and self-made millionaires earned their fortunes. The mental perspective with which America’s truly financially independent individuals operate will contradict nearly every thinking pattern that you have learned through observation up to this point. The reality is this. Success is not common. Wealth is not common. Thus, if you want to build profound levels of wealth you will have to consistently make the same uncommon daily small decisions that America’s self-made millionaires have made. If you to live a life that is common, do exactly what everyone else is doing.

For those starting out in the world of real estate investment, a common question is, “How can I afford to afford to buy my first investment property?” And the simple answer is this. You can’t afford the land, but your business can.

I realize that you probably navigated to this article because you are wanting to learn about real estate investment, and I promise you that we will get to that soon. However, it is very important that you mentally wrap your mind around the fact that you are ultimately going to invest in business regardless of what you invest in.

If you invest in stocks, you are investing in a business. If you are investing in real estate or a piece of property, you are ultimately investing in your real estate business. If you buy bonds, you are also making an investment in a business. Thus, if you ever want to make profound levels of wealth, you must firmly commit yourself to learning how to be great in the world of business. My friend, as you begin to invest in real estate, ultimately the VERY BEST WAY TO INVEST IS TO HAVE YOUR BUSINESS DO IT. The very worst way to invest is to do it personally.

The “average” and unsuccessful investor knows very little about running a business, and thus they invest as an individual. In fact, early in my career, I was stupid and I invested as an individual and it took the abominations of a under-performing business partner for me to realize how dangerous investing personally in things can be. Do not wait for life to teach you this painful lesson. Decide today that you will only invest as a business in the future starting now.

Your rule should be this: Only my businesses will buy my investments, period. No exceptions. Hence forth, I will never invest personally in anything. Most people are building huge levels of wealth for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that they invest as individuals, not as businesses.

The reason that we will live in a time where we have numerous billionaires under the age of 30 is because these people had the forsight to build businesses that millions of other people wanted to invest in. When was the last time you heard a billionaire the question of how they built their wealth by saying, “Well Bob, you see the key to my billion dollar success was the plan that my financial advisor gave me. You see, by investing $150.00 per month in my incredibly diversified mutual fund I might ridiculous amounts of money. Sure, I know that there are millions of other people buying that exact same stock portfolio as me, but I got crazy lucky do the brilliance of my individual financial planner. You know Bob, I believe that 50% of Americans will soon become billionaires too if they juts invest $150.00 per month in their IRA!”

My friends, as a business coach and business trainer I am blessed with an opportunity to travel around the country and to talk to thousands of people per year. At nearly every entrepreneurship event I go to I hear someone say, “Hey, I have this great idea for this sensation product that will MAKE ME MILLIONS!” And the sad reality is that nearly every one of these “GREAT IDEAS” will never mature into anything beyond the initial sketches and ramblings of a person who experienced momentary euphoric optimism at the mere thought of their million dollar idea. That does not have to be you.

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