Investing in Screenplay and Film Production – A Unique Option

Investors are one of the driving forces behind nearly every aspect of our society. From technological advances to medicine, from new products to new music studios, there’s no end to the different things that investors help create. While an idea may be groundbreaking, without the funds it will never come to fruition. And one of the more unique investment opportunities you can find is that of investing in screenplay and film production. It certainly isn’t the same as buying a few shares of a company, but it can be rewarding in both financial terms and in personal ones, which explains why so many people actually do it.

There are numerous options if you’re thinking of investing in screenplay and film production. On a small scale, you can usually find a low budget film that needs funding. While it might not reach the levels of worldwide releases, it could actually provide a major return. Many micro budget films like The Blair Witch Project cost only a few thousand dollars to make but ended up netting their investors millions upon millions of dollars. Obviously that’s the exception rather than the norm, but with technology making it more affordable than ever to make a film it’s always a possibility and can usually be easy to find.

The key to investing in screenplay and film production is to find a project that you not only believe in, but one that you feel will yield rewards. There are several things to look for in these cases. A look at the credentials of the group trying to make the film is important. Directors with some experience are a plus, for sure. Also, many films may manage to gather some well-known actors who agree to perform if funds are raised. A document called a Letter of Intent is used as proof that these performers will take roles in the film if it finds the needed capital.

If you find a film production company with Letter of Intent from one or more respected actors and the budget seems to be right, investing in screenplay and film production could very well be a good call to make. Take a closer look at the fine details and treat it just as you would any investment – with a review of credit risk and debt to assets ratio along with any other factors. This will help you determine if you’re placing your money in good hands.

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