Investing in Sustainability

It is difficult to go just about anywhere without hearing about green these days. It is hard to say whether people are just happy to use as a means of getting more business or if society really does care more about the planet, but the fact of the matter is that positive changes are being put in place to improve the impact we have. One place you might not have realized you can make a difference is with your investments.

Green investing is the act of investing money into companies, properties, etc that are involved in sustainable practices is some way. There are no set guidelines at this point, but various fund managers set their own guidelines of just how green a company needs to be for access to their money. For example, a green investment fund might target companies that are working on technologies to improve the environment.

Other than these green mutual funds, there are also green bonds and green real estate to invest in. With green bonds, the government set up guidelines around what kind of energy is being used for a project and if it is redeveloping a brownfield as a guideline. By investing a green bond you can steer companies towards green projects because it is where the money is. Investing in green real estate investment trusts, you put your money into properties that have proven themselves to be above the norm in terms of sustainability.

The art of green investing is still in its infancy but there are many ways for just about anyone to get involved. If you feel you have done everything you can by reducing your own energy consumption or overall footprint, putting your investments into sustainability as well might be a good decision that makes you feel good as well.

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