Investing on What?

Investing is such a broad word. For most people investing implies money put up to buy, purchase or invest on something for the future. Not so, every person who has dreams and goals invests their precious time and effort to attain what their heart’s desire. Whether you are a simpleton or a heir to a throne, investing is part of your life using every effort and time to gain however simple your goal is.

A Father invests his time to work for the family. He gives all effort to be a good provider and meet the needs of everyone, especially the kids. A mother invest her effort to bring out the best in her children. To nourish them with her wonderful cooking. She gives time to play and bond with them. Children invest their time to study and educate themselves and be the best they can be however long it takes them. Even Grandparents invest their retirement days to please their over-loved grandsons and granddaughters. For what? So they can receive the same effort of pampering from them right?

Surprisingly, on the negative side, scavengers invest their time roaming wastefully, doing nothing, trying to feed themselves on whatever they can hold on, be it taken from trash, be it edible or not. While thieves and kidnappers invest their time maneuvering and planning for their next unfortunate victim, drug addicts invest their time to find ways and means to satisfy their cravings for more injectibles or tablets to bring them to “cloud nine ” whether it be given freely, stolen or honestly paid for.

The idea that only the rich and the filthy rich can do investing, that’s far from the truth. Anybody can do investing. Investing your life for someone or for no one else but yourself. For a good cause or for a lost cause. For an honorable cause or for a crazy cause. Whatever it may be. That is why the big question now is “Investing what?”

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