Silva Tree Investments – Are They Worth It?

The state of the environment has become a very hot topic lately. Ten years ago, most people didn’t think much of global warming. But in the last decade we have seen irrefutable proof that global warming does exist. If you’re one of those people that look at snowstorms lately and feel that proves global warming is not a concern, then you really need to educate yourself a little more. Global warming (and more specifically climate change) is an increase in the average temperatures over a long period of time. Take a look at the long term climate changes – we have had the warmest decade in recorded history, and that isn’t negated by one snow storm. Short term whether fluctuates frequently, but the long term climate changes are irrefutable. We’re seeing higher temperatures and rising sea levels with each passing year.

So what can you do to counter global warming? Well, there are a lot of organizations out there that you should join that are dedicated to helping the environment in a variety of ways. A particularly interesting organization I came across lately is Silva Tree. This is a company that offers environmental investments. Now this sounds like a great idea, because not only will you be helping the environment, but you actually get a solid investment that is going to make you some very good returns per annum. In my opinion it is a fantastic idea for people that wish to help out but do not want to donate a ton of money to charity.

The investments and activities conducted by Silva Tree directly counter global warming. Two of their main investment packages – their timber investment project and Princess Project – are designed to plant new trees and protect existing forest land. Unfortunately the Princess Project is no longer available to invest in, but it worked very well while it was offered. It is fairly common knowledge that rainforests absorb CO2 (therefore reducing global warming) and therefore need to be preserved. The timber investment project offered by Silva Tree is particularly interesting. The investor takes ownership of a large plot of land with 660 trees per hectare, and is able to harvest and sell timber on their land.

Although the investments offered by Silva Tree are very safe and definitely very appealing, you will need to commit a fairly decent sum. The timber investment from Silva Tree has an introductory price of 32,500 USD. If you have that amount of money sitting in long term interest accounts or even the stock market, then you are likely to get a much higher yearly return with the numerous investments that Silva Tree provides. When you take part in some of Silva Tree’s investments you also know that you are dealing with a very reputable organization. Silva Tree is a member of ethical junction, and they are a BBB accredited business. But you still need to exercise caution with any investment you take up.

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