Is Commodities the Safe Haven Investments for 2011-2012?

Commodities, safe Haven Investments for 2011-2012, have still a long way to go. Despite the financial crisis recently, investors are doubtful about investing in stock markets. Everyone has the question about where the strength lies during 2011 and 2012. They are unaware of the fact that commodities are becoming a safe haven for the coming years.

The reason behind this investment vehicle gaining speed and poise is because of the rising inflation and food cost. In a better economy, many people will gain a lot of fortune through commodities’ sectors. Take for example the commodity- oil; there has been a steep increase in oil prices since many months. The oil reserve is running out and so the prices will stay high for quite some time.

No commodity or market rises in straight line, as a matter of fact, it can be considered as hedge against inflation. Therefore, it can be said commodities are safe haven Investments for 2011-2012. So, at present owning bonds and stocks are a risky affair but owning real assets and commodities can be said as a smart move

Across the continents, food commodities have been traded and distributed to international markets. Therefore, you can gain a lot of profit through them. However, you need to do your home work and research to invest in the best deals. In the historical period, when there was a financial crisis, the countries turned to US. Now, when United States itself is going through a crisis, whom will they turn to?

Some analysts were of the opinion that it is the end of US and the world. However, the return of the investors to capital markets has helped to send the US Dollar and equities to a new height. A self-fulfilling cycle has been created which has assisted in driving the Dollar ahead and has made the commodity prices lower. This benefits the US economy and in turn drives the Dollar rate higher.

It is a known fact by now that these commodities are safe Haven Investments for 2011-2012. Therefore, investors have adopted many ways to own gold and in its many forms. This helps to increase their chances as well as status to have greater power. Gold market has always been popular since the ancient times. However, it is not a clever idea to put “all eggs in one basket”. You should also opt for stocks, real estate and other kinds of investments. This will help you from going bankrupt if one of the markets falls.

The market rate value of gold is based just as the stock markets. Therefore, it is difficult to know the specific factors which influence the market rate of gold. But while investing on gold, you should always choose the gold bullion instead of various other types of gold. Experts can provide gold market analysis that will assist the individual to decide the gold purchase budget. There have been fewer fluctuations in gold prices for quite some time now. Therefore, gold can be said as one of the commodities that is safe haven investments for 2011-2012.

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