Low Risk High Return Investments

When starting out in investing you may get caught up on the risk. There are risks you can control and there are risks you can’t control. The first thing about investing that you’re going to have to come to terms with is its volatility. It’s the name of the game and it’s not going to go away. If you can’t handle this, you will have to settle for putting your money into a savings account or a CD or some other less risky product. You can cover much of the risk that’s involved in investing by diversifying your investments. You can also put your efforts into things that are good for your overall existence as well. Here are four investments of you time and money that never fail:

Pay off your debt. Without a doubt you’ll want to knock out any consumer debt you have before getting started with investing. What is the point in making 10% returns in the stock market if you are paying 18% interest to your credit card company? Use the money that you are considering investing with to first pay off these creditors, and then build up more money to start investing with. It’s the only sensible way to go.

Invest in your health. What’s the point in investing all of this money for future use if you won’t be around to enjoy it? If you are overweight, or you smoke, or you have a drinking problem, or you have an illicit or prescription drug dependency, you’ll want to get those under control before you start investing. The stress form investing will only magnify these habits. You will eat more if you are an emotional eater, you will smoke more if you smoke to calm yourself down, and you will abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to take your mind off of the risk. Investing in a healthier you puts everything else in perspective.

Invest in friends and family. Invest your time into enhancing your relationships with the people that you love. If you get so caught up with the money that you alienate yourself from them, you won’t have anyone around to enjoy the fruits of your labor with. Plus, it’s sure to always pay dividends!

Invest in yourself. Get the proper training you need to start a new hobby, or take adult education classes. Never stop learning. The lessons you learn in one area of your life will assist you in other areas as well. You might learn to be more patient by taking up gardening. The process of planting seeds and watering them and pulling weeds will show you a lot of similarities to investing. Being patient and watching your seed sprout, and form buds, and bear fruit can be just as exciting as a successful investment.

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