Magical Oud Oil and the Modern Production of Agarwood

Agarwood is the heartwood found at the centre of Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees. These trees are large evergreen species found naturally in certain parts of Southeast Asia including Cambodia and Thailand. The valuable heartwood is created when the centre of the tree is infected with a certain type of mould. This produces a one-time chemical reaction inside the trunk itself transforming the core into a dark, dense timber that is saturated in heavily scented resin.

The final result of this reaction, also knows as Oud, has such an attractive and strong scent that it is highly sought after for use in the production of incense, perfumes and essential oils across the world and is also used in the development of some more traditional medicines.

Different Types of Oud

Depending on the type of tree grown and the location of the plantation, the resulting Oud can have a varying range of qualities to fulfil the differing requirements for this product.

Oud al Seyufi is the darkest of all the resins created in the region and is derived from some of the best Agarwood found in the plantations of Thailand and Cambodia. Thanks to its age and high quality, though the aroma of this product is initially very heavy, it soon transforms into a sweet, strong smell that is perfect for use in creating some of the most highly sought after fragrances of today.

Oud al Safii comes from Agarwood grown on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. With woody undertones, this attractive scent is able to remain on the skin for longer which builds longevity in the perfumes it is used to create. Oud al Safii Thai is a lighter, oily resin which is grown within the Thai province of Trat. The zesty aroma and pure form of the final product makes this ideal for the production of essential oils and related products.

Though most Oud is supplied in a syrupy liquid form, it is also possible to produce Oud Powder and Wood-chips. The wood-chips themselves can be burned directly to produce a wonderful aroma while the powder is used to create incense sticks in order to release its delicious scent.

The Benefits of Managed Plantations

Though Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees are found naturally within the plantations regions, the development of managed sites for Agarwood has not only made is it possible for a sustainable and continuous source of this valuable product to be developed, but it also enables the facilities themselves to oversee the entire Oud extraction process. By keeping the entire procedure on-site, the expert management team are able to maintain a level of quality control that is not possible in the wild and ensure the level of supply is able to meet the increasing demand for such a highly valued product.

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