Markgräflerland Dark Web Dealer Flies Because of a Clerical Error

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A Markgräflerland man is facing trial for conducting an illegal drug business which involved an online purchase of drugs on the dark web in wholesale before retailing the drugs to his potential customers in the country. His illegal trade attracted the attention of the border and customs police, after the discovery of a spelling error in a delivery address.

Five years ago, at the age of 21, the defendant placed his first order on the dark web, purchasing ecstasy pills for personal use. Drug dealing on the dark web is not a new issue as more criminals are turning to its anonymity to hide from law enforcers. “My first experience on the dark web was more comfortable than I expected. Just a single click,” he admitted, “The business was promising, and I needed to raise more money during my apprenticeship.” He is facing trial at the Freiburg Grand Criminal District Court.

For two years, the defendant had ordered more than 1050 ecstasy pills, about 600 LSD tablets, and over 40 kilos of amphetamine from the dark web. Drugs worth about ₤90,000 were shipped and delivered to his rental home via postal services. He is said to have started the illegal business in 2013 and was apprehended late 2015.

Information in a filed affidavit reveals the defendant operated on the dark web using the username “Tequila”, where he ordered five kilos of amphetamine twice and later ordered ten kilograms of the same drug three times. The orders were shipped from Hesse and Bavaria, Netherlands to Müllheim and Gundelfingen through postal services to addresses including to his mother’s home address. The orders were paid for through bank transfer.

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A month before his arrest, one of his packages had been sent back to the post office due to a clerical spelling mistake. The delivery address had been written incorrectly. After further scrutiny, the customs police discovered that the package contained illegal narcotics. Weeks later, more packages containing narcotics and doping drugs for athletes were seized and led to his arrest in June 2015.

The 26-year-old suspect was brought up in Markgräflerland, and, at the time of his arrest, he was completing an apprenticeship. According to him, he needed money to support his stay during the training. In his first year, he made 590 euros in profit from the illegal drug business while in his third year he made 726 euros.

After he was arrested and released on bail in 2016, he moved, married, got a job, and was promoted by his boss, who described him as ‘absolutely reliable’ and as his right-hand man.

The defendant, according to his lawyer, had since changed and was sorry about what he had done. “My client has shown regrets for his deeds. He has finally completed his apprenticeship and has started his master with exams coming in two months’ time. His wife, too, needs him even more, having been diagnosed with a retinal ailment. Her eyesight is below two percent,” he said.

He is scheduled to appear before the Freiburg Grand Criminal District Court on November 26 while the verdict is expected to be announced before the end of the month.

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