Dubai Interpol Summit Major in Darknet Cybercrime Threat Posed.

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The topic of the dark web and related crimes was among the issues discussed during the Interpol general meeting which was held in Dubai for the first time. The issue was brought to the table for discussion by the general secretary of organization, Jürgen Stock, who is also a German law enforcement officer.

Interpol has been spearheading the fight against crime instigated by dark web criminals in collaboration with other international law enforcement agencies. This collaboration is generally because the dark web has taken crime to a different dimension that most police agencies worldwide did not anticipate.

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In the meeting, Mr. Stock urged police to embrace new technologies in order to keep up with dark web cybercriminals. He continued to say that illegal activities over the dark web are proving to be a great challenge to the international police forces.

According to him, through the dark web underbelly, anyone can buy illegal drugs, hacking tools, and also anonymously organize terrorist groups. He continued to say that this will require stern action against anyone apprehended for using the internet for heinous activities.

He commended the United Arabs Emirates for being a perfect example of investing in smart policing where they are using modern technology to fight crime. He urged other nations to follow suit and implement the new technology in their police agencies.

According to him, the traditional way which dealers use for trafficking drugs is still in use; however, the dark web has created a new avenue for smugglers to use and remain anonymous. Using anonymous mail services and normal postal services, darknet drug traffickers are able to easily communicate with their customers from all over the world, hence their work is made easier.

It is proving to be a new challenge for most police forces who are not equipped with the tools and information needed to fight dark web crimes. According to the report given by Mr. Stock, law enforcement agencies are left with no choice other than to invest in more experienced cybersecurity experts.

He urged the police forces from different countries and regions to unite and work together to mitigate this dark web menace. According to him, the exchange of security detail information between different countries is vital as no country can fight dark web crime alone. He described the United Arabs Emirates as a perfect example for other nations, because, since the country joined the Interpol back in 1973, it has continually shown consistent support to the organization.

The organization is facing a number of internal challenges at this time when dark web crimes have greatly increased. Recently, the organization’s president, Mr. Meng Hongwei, wrote a resignation letter after the Chinese government arrested him for corruption charges.

He said the organization is taking the proper measures to make sure they elect a new president together with the executive committee members. The general assembly meeting, which took place in Dubai for the first time in 67 years, hosted about 1,000 delegates who came from 171 nations.

A number of candidates from different countries had shown interest in the position, but after the contest and voting was finished, South Korean Kim Jong-Yang has been given the mantle. He will lead the organization for a two-year term where he will oversee all the runnings of Interpol.

Interpol has arrested and brought to book a number of dark web criminals and has invested in giving the public reports that will assist them in staying safe from darknet crimes. Recently, Interpol coordinated police raids in 116 countries which resulted in the seizure of 500 tons of illicit drugs from the dark web.

In what was termed as Operation Pangaea XI, they made 859 arrests in different countries and seized more than $14 million worth of illegal drugs. The organization also conducted online raids on websites that facilitated criminals, leading to the closure of 3,671 web links. Some of the closed links included illegal websites, social media pages, and dark web marketplaces.

The organization is also working hard to close some cases involving wanted dark web criminals. Recently, Interpol arrested a 26-year-old German man identified as David Maas in Bangkok who was on the wanted list.

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