Report Shows Hate Crime Propagated Through the Dark Web on the Rise

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There are many hate groups in society currently against cultural diversity in the world. Whether based on racial ethnicity, religious, or even gender, hate groups are working to oppress perceived minorities in society.

Apparently, most of these groups have been taking to the internet to spread their ideology of hate amongst the people who are mainly active on social media platforms. However, recently, most social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, have banned any account promoting hate speech. This ban has been put in place to assist law enforcement in dealing with the rising cases of attacks on the general citizens in the name of hate mongering.

According to a recent statistic report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the rate of hate crimes reported rose about 17 percent in 2017 from the previous years. Specifically, there were 7,175 hate crimes in 2017 as compared to the 6,121 reported in 2016.

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Among the reported cases, about 5,000 cases were termed to be directed at specific persons. Whereas, about 3,000 of them were assessed as cases against property such as vandalism.

It is a worrying trend that has been causing the Feds sleepless nights on account of their investigations. Nonetheless, much is being done to reduce the number of cases of hate crimes. The dark web has been blamed for being a contributing factor in the spread of hate mongers across the country.

Dark Web Role in Hate Mongering.

Dark web forums appear to be a long term problem for law enforcement agencies who are fighting the vices. Here cybercriminals and other baseless hate mongers are frequently using encrypted forums through the Tor browser in conjunction with a good VPN to spread their messages.

Some hate crimes, like those involving anti-Islamic sentiments, are taken very seriously since previous reports have resulted in innocent people being killed.

The dark web has been deemed a good platform in which the hate mongers may acquire illegal firearms for carrying out their heinous acts. In the same dark web marketplaces, hate mongers buy sophisticated hacking and communication software that are used to propagate their messages incognito.

It has prompted law enforcement to change their focus and align their investigations with dark web illegal transactions and activities.

According to the acting Attorney General, Mathew Whitaker, the report on the rising level of hate crime is a call to action, and he is promising the department will act appropriately.

The Result of Hate Crime

As a result of the dynamic hate mongering, there have been a number of attacks at religious places, including mosques and churches, as a result of discrimination with no concrete base.

Many states in the United States are currently facing dangers of mass shootings that happen at group gatherings such as at schools, malls, and concerts.

Recently, the Chicago area has witnessed anti-Semitism in various schools including the circulation of felony hate crimes. Less than a week after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue near Pittsburgh, police officers received reports of a phone call that was threatening the Central Avenue Synagogue.

Federal investigators swiftly investigated the report and apprehended the suspect within 24 hours. According to FBI officials, the suspect was identified as Dean R. West, who was later charged with a Class 3 felony hate crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is toiling towards mitigating any calamity likely caused by hate crimes by partnering with other law enforcement agencies. The agency is committed to training more law enforcement personnel to identify and report any incident to the FBI’s UCR program.

In addition, the Department of Justice recently launched a website dedicated to reporting hate crimes. This will raise awareness to the public and community leaders about the intensity of and how to deal with hate crimes.

Currently, hate crimes are the most investigated cases which are given priority by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to law enforcement, nobody is in control of where they are born or of what race they are. Therefore, they are urging people to live in harmony without attacking their neighbors.

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