Neamt: Dark Web Drug DJ Remains in Custody Despite Being Sick of Arrest

Neamt: Dark Web Drug DJ Remains in Custody Despite Being Sick of Arrest

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The dark web drug DJ who supplied illegal party pills in clubs before he was arrested will remain in custody despite being sick of detention. He hoped for leniency after pleading at the Bacau Court of Appeal to have his detention replaced with less stringent measures.

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Andru Botezatu, 25, from Piatra Neamţ was arrested at the end of August this year for allegedly purchasing illegal party drugs online on dark web marketplaces, which he supplied in clubs around Neamt, Constanţa, Iaşi, Cluj, and Bacau. According to the investigating detectives, the drugs were bought online off the dark web from the Netherlands at wholesale price using digital currencies for anonymity and were later shipped out of the country through postal services. Several packages had been seized by the border and customs officials as they allowed other packages into the state to help in the investigation.

A DIICOT Neamt prosecutor accused Botezatu of conducting an illegal business which put his life and that of hundreds of other people at high risk by possessing, consuming, and trafficking controlled substances. “It is unlawful to introduce illicit drugs into our country, unfair to poison our people with illegal drugs, and risky to possess and to consume such powerful substances,” he said.

The investigation revealed that Botezatu spent most of his time organizing events, most of which were club parties as a techno DJ at Piatra Neamt and in other counties including Bacau, Constanţa, Cluj, and Iaşi. During such parties, the defendant is said to have sold party pills to teenagers and students.

Court documents indicate that in April this year, Botezatu, for the first time, ordered a package of ecstasy pills from a dark web platform which was delivered to his place of residence via mail. He later became a consistent customer on the dark web, purchasing more and more drugs as the demand for the fun-making parties grew. Depending on the location of the events, a single party pill could fetch as much as 100 lei, making it a financially significant business.

According to a statement by DIICOT, during these parties, the defendant was always accompanied by several young women who helped him in selling the high-risk party pills to customers and collected money as he played music in the clubs. At significant club events, they sold around 60 to 70 ecstasy and LSD pills with the price ranging between 80 to 120 lei per capsule. He would later pay the young women, and he sought different women for different events.

After the 25-year-old defendant had been monitored for months, he was arrested on Monday, August 27 this year, immediately after receiving two postal packages. The packages had been shipped from the Netherlands and contained 4 LSD stamps and more than 215 ecstasy tablets.

He admitted to the accusations and was detained after 12 witnesses were lined up by the DIICOT Neamt prosecutors. He hoped for leniency as he challenged the detention at the Bacau Court of Appeal to have the magistrate form a tribunal to replace his arrest with less harsh measures. His application was not successful, and thus he remains in custody.

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