Outstanding Organization Tips For The Office And Warehouse

Are pockets of disarray cluttering your workspace and crowding your spirit? Don’t expend unnecessary energy sifting through loose papers and searching for supplies or hidden inventory. Don’t make customers or employees wonder and wander another wasted step. Start with these simple ways to restore order, increase productivity, minimize injuries, and boost morale.

1. Clear a path to walk and move in. Empty trash cans. Stack like-storage items together such as empty bins or pallets. Straighten furniture and get rid of any you don’t use.

2. Stage a sorting area. Once you’ve cleared a path and opened some floor space, set up several folding tables. Empty all desk drawers and storage cabinets of unused office supplies into a pile. Group them by class, size, and use. Place small items into transparent bins.

3. Label your work world for efficiency and safety. Binder clips and document frames or magnetic sign holders are useful tools. Unless you require color-coding, use black, permanent ink markers and vibrant yellow highlighters to mark plain, white labels. Retractable ink pens, pencils with erasers, correction tape, invisible tape, a stapler, and a spiral notebook are all that’s needed to get started labeling.

Prepare labels ahead by hand or using software. Text will suffice for organizing office and janitorial supplies, but warehouse shelves are set up in rows. Label from left to right, top to bottom with an alpha section and numeric row or bin, J-07 or J-07-15, for example. Label drawers D-15 or D-15k and storage containers as well.

Make an index listing the item name, number, description and location.

If the idea of visible labels cramps your office style, arrange supplies alphabetically or discreetly label the interior shelves.

4. Put it all back. Have enough storage cabinets, bookcases, and bins on hand. Lightest weight items belong on upper shelves, heaviest items on shelves below knee level. Relocate your proven, best selling warehouse inventory closer to the shipping area so order pickers can save steps.

Budget Daily Transition Time

Give personnel time to clear their workspace before clocking out instead of slogging through disarray the next morning. Provide department managers simple checklists and require their use. Transition time is important in maintaining order and identifying areas that need attention.

Magnetic Personality Plus

Besides your personality, know the magnetic surfaces in your workplace. These underused places provide valuable display areas without adding bulk or holes in walls. Smart use of magnetic sign holders makes it easy to display current schedules, reports, or notices. Use them to mark exit or restroom routes. Available from business card to legal sizes, they protect the contents from the environment and make it easy to post updates. Common magnetic surfaces in workplaces include:

  • File cabinets
  • Doors
  • Window frames
  • Support columns
  • Sides of machinery
  • Dry erase boards

Your newly organized office and warehouse are sure to positively impact attitude and productivity. Does it need a finishing touch? Large, magnetic sign holders make excellent frames for motivational posters depicting scenes of nature, especially in windowless areas. Change out the posters or rotate the locations to give fresh perspectives to tired eyes. Now relax and renew your spirit in your uncluttered workspace

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