Pick the Right Labeling Machine For Your Company

Since their invention, labeling machines have made everyone’s lives in the business and personal world much better. In the office, they allow us to label our personal and work-related belongings without fear of theft and even in these unfortunate cases, it is much easier to find and return the item. Not to mention, they make it easy for that forgetful coworker to remember who she borrowed the stapler from! Labeling machines also allow people to mark important documents, place reminders on various machines or even print shipping labels for packages.

However, small duty labeling machines are not always ideal for large companies since they are severely limited in their capabilities. These smaller systems are designed mostly for office jobs and small tasks, not companies who need to print large quantities of labels. As the saying goes, you should always pick the right tool for the right job!

Labeling Machines For Large Companies

Although shipping labels, stickers for personal items, and memos stuck to microwaves reminding employees to clean up after themselves are great, they are not always ideal for large companies. Smaller machines can certainly come in handy around the cubicles, but large jobs call for a large machine.

Businesses that need to print a substantial amount of labels as fast as possible will definitely benefit from larger labeling sources. These machines even make it possible to label vast quantities of products, such as cosmetics or bottles, rapidly and efficiently all while doing very little work on our end.

When it comes to these labeling machines, you have several options but keep in mind that you will need to purchase a machine that works with the dimensions of the objects you want labeled. For example, “flats” machines are not a good option for round objects or bottles and if you want both sides of your product labeled, you need to pick up a machine that does that since not all of them do.

Semi-Auto – For semi-automatic machines, you will need to load the products in one at a time to label them. After flipping a switch or lever, or pressing a button, the machine will label your item and after removing it, you can insert the next. These machines have a roll-on labeling system that works for flats, rounds, and ovals, depending on the one you pick. Changeovers are quick and simple, so no need to worry about offering training courses to familiarize your employees with the system!

Automatic – Automatic machines are closer to what you see on television shows and movies, where a conveyor belt moves objects along to be labeled, bottled, or packaged. With this, you can quickly and efficiently label large quantities of products ranging in size and shape. Just like the semi-automatic, you need to make sure that you pick one that reflects the products you want labeled. You do not want to pick a “flats” machine to label your bottles!

Print and Apply – Just like the name implies, you will program the machine accordingly, load your products, and watch as it automatically prints labels and applies them to your items. You can even program it to wrap the labels around boxes, bottles, and other objects, making your job even easier.

Applicators – This is another self-explanatory machine. Just like the others that feed the products down a conveyor belt, this machine works in the same manner. Typically, labels are already printed and are applied overhead (sides are an option) as the product moves down the belt.

Regardless of which system you decide to go with, one thing is for certain: you and your business will definitely benefit from it! You will be amazed at how much faster your production speeds are and how efficient the machine is. No more long hours spent at work tediously applying labels!

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