List of Private Equity Firms

In order to raise capital and cultivate potential prospects, lists of private equity firms are typically used.  Lists of PE or buyout firms can help you enhance distribution ranges for press releases and performance updates, recruiting or career search assistance, announce road shows/joint ventures/events, networking, market research, and help you and your team to raise capital from PE firms.  These are but a few of the numerous benefits which come from purchasing a list of PE firms.

There are two main sources of listings, directories or databases which are used within the private equity industry.  The first sources of PE firm listings are ones which are gathered by either a person or single business.  These directories contain the names, contact information and business details on PE and buyout firms with which they have had personal contact with or plan to make into a prospective client in the future.  The second sources of listings are those which are compiled by professional organizations.  Professional organizations gather the contact names from within the PE firms, personal e-mail addresses, personal cell/office numbers, physical mailing addresses, internet website address, assets under management (AUM), and business operation details.

Throughout the internet there are free compilations of PE firm listings.  Often these include their names and locations, but the important information such as points of contact within the organization and contact information are typically not released to the general public.  Companies which focus and excel in gathering details on PE and buyout firms not only gather more concrete and detailed information on those firms, but save you and your team vast resources in access to a database which has taken more than 4 years to complete.

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