Taking Care of Your Labeling Machine

If you have implemented a labeling machine into your company, chances are you realize that you could not have made a better investment! Labeling equipment is not only ideal around the house, but it is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are labeling objects in your cubicle to protect against accidental theft or marking important documents, these machines make life a lot easier.

They also help significantly in larger businesses. Labeling machines designed for large businesses typically use conveyor belt systems and programmable labels that are automatically applied once the product reaches a certain point, although semi-automatic machines are available that allow an employee to put in one product at a time. Some of these systems can even wrap labels, saving you a lot of time and hassle!

Keep Your Labeling Machine Running Smoothly

Although your labeling equipment is designed to run with little input from you and will make your life – and job – a lot easier, it still requires some maintenance and care. Unfortunately, your machine will probably break down at some point. Never attempt to fix it by yourself! This can cause severe bodily harm, not to mention you can damage the equipment more if you do not know what you are doing! Regularly checking your machine, preferably daily, and calling a licensed service technician when it breaks down will ensure that you have a long-lasting and efficient labeling system!

In addition to checking the parts regularly and having it serviced the moment it starts acting up, there are several steps that you need to take to keep your machine running properly:

Avoid Putting Things Near the Machine – It probably goes without saying that you should avoid putting your hands near the machine, especially where moving parts are concerned. You should also avoid eating or drinking since crumbs and liquids can damage the working parts. Do not set objects on the machine, as they can fall and become lodged.

Don’t Smoke – Since ink is present, we highly recommending you avoid smoking near the machines. Embers can easily fall onto the papers and catch fire if you are not paying attention.

Check the Machine Daily – Checking your machine daily is incredibly important. At the end of the shift or before the start of the work day, glance over the machine. Make sure there is nothing on it, nothing lodged, and that it appears clean. If anything looks out of the norm, call a technician.

Don’t Force a Jam – At some point, your machine will likely jam. Gently wiggling the label or removing the object carefully will typically clear up a jam, however if there is resistance, avoid jerking or ripping the object. Doing so can cause severe damage or even break smaller piece of the equipment.

By following these simple steps and procedures, you can have a functional, efficient labeling machine! Regardless of how tired you are when you first arrive on the job or are clocking out, take the extra few minutes to check the machine. These few minutes can save you hours of trouble down the line and when in doubt, call a trained professional!

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